Mir­ror, mir­ror

Spirit and Destiny - - Tried & Tested -

NEXT IT’S TIME to get to grips with some prac­ti­cal div­ina­tion tools, and we’re each given a scry­ing mir­ror, which is ba­si­cally a black-backed mir­ror, to hold.

‘First, ask Spirit for pro­tec­tion,’ says Wendy, ‘so you don’t see any­thing scary such as a mis­chievous spirit in the mir­ror.’ You can ei­ther look into the mir­ror with a ques­tion in mind, or say it out loud, or like I did, just meditate on your re­flec­tion in the mir­ror and see if you re­ceive a mes­sage.

‘As you gaze at it can you see the lips of a spirit guide talk­ing to you?’ Wendy asks.

I can only see a blurred out­line of my face, be­cause when I go into a med­i­ta­tive state I al­low my eyes to be­come un­fo­cused. Fear may be hold­ing me back as it’s a bit spooky look­ing for mov­ing lips in a mir­ror.

Later, we re­peat this exercise with quartz crys­tal balls and tra­di­tional clear glass ones. We’re given a use­ful tip to al­ways sit with your back to the win­dow so the ball is in shadow, which makes it eas­ier to see.

I don’t see any­thing in the crys­tal balls ei­ther, but Wendy as­sures me that for most peo­ple, this tech­nique does take prac­tice. ‘Don’t al­ways ex­pect to see a pic­ture,’ she says. ‘Some re­ceive a mes­sage in words, oth­ers get a feel­ing trans­mit­ted to them, re­veal­ing the an­swer to their ques­tion.’ Frus­trat­ingly, none of the peo­ple who tried the crys­tal ball in this work­shop man­aged to suc­ceed but Wendy did tell us that one of her stu­dents on an­other course could hear spir­its speak­ing through it and an­other saw faces, sym­bols and events within the crys­tal. One lady even en­tered a trance and wrote co­pi­ous notes she’d chan­neled from Spirit.

Pro­tect your­self so you don't see scary spir­its in the mir­ror

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