Ar­changel Gabriel cord ban­ish­ing rit­ual

Use this fire rit­ual to burn away un­healthy at­tach­ments

Spirit and Destiny - - Hidden Ties -

You’ll need a piece of pa­per, pen, lighter and a fire-proof pot or tin for this exercise.

Take your pen and pa­per and write down any un­help­ful feel­ings that bind you to a per­son or sit­u­a­tion.

Be hon­est. Let out all the re­sent­ment or anger that you’ve been hold­ing on to. Per­haps you feel a sense of in­jus­tice or that some­one has not been hon­est in their deal­ings with you. How­ever dif­fi­cult it is, pour out all your hurt feel­ings and don’t hold back.

Then set the in­ten­tion of cut­ting the cords for the high­est good of all.

Imag­ine the other per­son, ob­ject or sit­u­a­tion in front of you.

Call on Ar­changel Gabriel’s help and sense his pure white wings around you, sup­port­ing you as you pre­pare to burn away the neg­a­tive cords.

Read out loud what you have writ­ten on your piece of pa­per be­fore plac­ing it in the tin or pot and set­ting it alight.

As it burns, say out loud: ‘Thank you Ar­changel Gabriel, Angel of Rev­e­la­tion, for set­ting me free from this cord that binds me.’

Take a big breath and know that you can now move on.

Thank the an­gels for their help

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