Soul pur­pose TIME MA­CHINE

This vi­su­al­iza­tion will take you on a jour­ney to meet wise el­ders who will show you your true path

Spirit and Destiny - - The Inner You -


Af­ter the Open­ing Up tech­nique, imag­ine you are out in na­ture on a sum­mer evening. Feel at peace as you look around and see the world wind­ing down and the light of the sun fad­ing. As you stroll, you no­tice a small round ve­hi­cle.


Your name is writ­ten on the door of the ve­hi­cle with the words ‘Your Pur­pose’. Open­ing it , the in­te­rior glows with light. Get in and feel safe and pro­tected. This fa­mil­iar ve­hi­cle has come to take you on your soul jour­ney.


You sit down and get ready for your jour­ney. Feel your­self rise up with hap­pi­ness as it rum­bles along. The car comes to a halt and the door opens. You step out­side into a huge cav­ern and it feels as though you've been here be­fore.


Three smil­ing el­ders sit on tall chairs. You know they're your guides. The one in the cen­tre tells you they're about to show you snip­pets of your life­time, past and the fu­ture. She

ex­plains the themes you've ex­pe­ri­enced and the lessons that needed

to be learned.


Im­ages be­gin to flicker on the wall. Stay here as long as you wish and no­tice what mes­sages are here. What do you need to know? What is your higher pur­pose?


When you're fin­ished the elder to the right points to an abyss and tells you to let go of what you no longer want or need.

You are re­mov­ing these ob­sta­cles from your soul path and are now ready to ful­fil your soul pur­pose.


The elder to your left sends a glo­ri­ous beam of sil­very en­ergy to cleanse and en­er­gise you, and all three wave as you climb back aboard your ve­hi­cle and silently float away.


You ar­rive back in your cur­rent world and step out of the car feel­ing com­plete, like you are the real you. End with the Clos­ing Down Tech­nique be­low.

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