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This vi­su­al­i­sa­tion exercise can help you find all the an­swers you seek about af­fairs of the heart

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Be­gin by writ­ing down ques­tions you’d like an­swered re­gard­ing mat­ters of the heart. For in­stance, ‘When will I meet ‘the one’? ‘Can I move on from this break-up?’


Now use FLP to gain in­sight. Sit down and do the Open­ing Up exercise. Then imag­ine walk­ing along a long, peace­ful tun­nel lit by sil­very lights, You reach a vel­vet cur­tain, be­hind it is a large door.


You see the sign, ‘Gallery’. No­tice how the let­ters are made of glis­ten­ing brass. You open the door and find your­self in a dimly lit art gallery with huge paint­ings on the wall. Take a can­dle from the wooden ta­ble and look at the room.


You are drawn to one paint­ing. The an­swer you seek will be in it. For in­stance if you want to know if you will have a child, there will be a pic­ture of you hold­ing a baby. If you want to know if you’ll marry a par­tic­u­lar per­son, see if the per­son is there in the pic­ture. If they are not you will not be with the per­son. If you want to know who you’ll be with in years to come, you will see your­self in the fu­ture.


Step into the pic­ture that rep­re­sents the ques­tion you most need to know about. How do you feel? What is hap­pen­ing? Have you made the right moves? Is there an­other way you could’ve han­dled things? Take your time.


When you are ready, step out of the pic­ture, take a last look around the room and go back through the door. Hold the cur­tain aside, and step into the tun­nel. This time, you glide along the cor­ri­dor feel­ing at peace, you have all the in­for­ma­tion you need.


Now find your­self back in the present, ready to move for­wards and know­ing what you need to do. You can come back to The Gallery at any time to find an­swers from the fu­ture. Af­ter­wards, carry out the Clos­ing Down tech­nique.

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