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‘Tune in to si­lence to calm mind and body be­fore you start to


You may al­ready have heard psy­chics and medi­ums re­fer to ‘rais­ing their vi­bra­tions’ in or­der to con­nect with Spirit more eas­ily when do­ing read­ings, but what ex­actly does that mean?

Well, just like how you used to ad­just an old TV set to find the chan­nels, rais­ing your vi­bra­tions – or en­ergy fre­quency – helps put you on the right wave­length to start con­vers­ing with Spirit. It’s a very im­por­tant skill to hone if you are to make sure the con­nec­tion be­tween you and those in the next world is strong and clear.

I truly be­lieve ev­ery­one pos­sesses a nat­u­ral form of in­tu­itive­ness and la­tent psy­chic abil­i­ties lie within us all, it’s just that some peo­ple have to work a lit­tle harder to open theirs up, and rais­ing your en­ergy vi­bra­tion will help. Once you are

able to tune into this higher fre­quency, you will be­gin to no­tice your in­nate psy­chic skills will come to the fore more nat­u­rally.

This prac­tice can also have pos­i­tive ef­fects on your health as the med­i­ta­tion, re­lax­ation tech­niques and deep breath­ing in­volved all help to com­bat stress and can even lower your blood pres­sure!

Set­ting a rou­tine Each night, be­fore I go on stage, I fol­low the same rou­tine I’ve had since I be­gan tour­ing 10 years ago to help me con­nect with the higher en­er­gies of Spirit.

Firstly, I clean my teeth and set out my make-up, be­fore ar­rang­ing my out­fit, then I be­gin a re­lax­ation se­quence. I have never been some­one who med­i­tates but, in a way, this is my own form of med­i­ta­tion.

In or­der to clear my mind, I don’t al­low any­one in my dress­ing room af­ter 5pm, which is two hours be­fore I go on stage. This al­lows me to empty my thoughts and calm my senses.

I also find I am at my best if I’ve eaten a small meal at least two hours be­fore my show. I make sure it’s some­thing nu­tri­tious too, as con­nect­ing with Spirit takes a lot of en­ergy – I sup­pose it’s the equiv­a­lent to do­ing a long run. Al­co­hol is a def­i­nite no – I al­ways say I like my spir­its on stage, not out of a bot­tle!

My dress­ing room needs to be a fairly cool space, so I might open a win­dow and I like to­tal calm – with no sound or mu­sic – and, as I start to tune into the com­plete si­lence, I raise my feet off the ground. This helps me to feel com­pletely

calm in both mind and body and al­lows me to to­tally zone out.

I will then prac­tice steady breath­ing, tak­ing a long, slow breath in through my nose, hold it for the count of three, and then ex­hale slowly through my mouth as my mus­cles start to re­lax.

I will do this for 10 min­utes and then I am ready to go on stage.

It’s im­por­tant that, once you have raised your en­ergy fre­quency and con­nected with Spirit, you learn how to close down this con­nec­tion safely. There are also steps you can take to keep your­self pro­tected from neg­a­tive en­er­gies while you are work­ing with Spirit.

Read on for some sim­ple tips and tech­niques you can eas­ily in­cor­po­rate into your spir­i­tual work to en­sure you get the most out of your con­tact with Spirit.

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