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It’s im­por­tant you shut down your con­nec­tion to Spirit af­ter ev­ery sin­gle ses­sion be­cause you can’t stay on their fre­quency all the time. It’s too drain­ing, they would be in con­stant com­mu­ni­ca­tion, think­ing they could butt in with mes­sages at any time of the day and night! Shut­ting down af­ter a ses­sion also helps you feel grounded and you won’t be left open to at­tacks from neg­a­tive en­er­gies ei­ther.

A sim­ple rou­tine at the end of each ses­sion will help cut the link. It can be some­thing as sim­ple as say­ing: ‘This read­ing is now fin­ished and my psy­chic senses are shut down.’

You could also vi­su­alise the room you are sit­ting in and a door shut­ting on it.

Read­ings can be very emo­tional too. For me, af­ter I come off stage, I can be on a high, my adren­a­line pump­ing, so I like to bring my­self down by tak­ing a mo­ment to un­wind and I sug­gest you do the same.

Straight af­ter a read­ing it’s best to have a cou­ple of min­utes to your­self. It’s not a great time to get into a con­ver­sa­tion or make a phone call, you need to let your mind breathe. If I’m in the car trav­el­ling home af­ter a show,

I’ll pop my head­phones on and watch a film to help close my mind off. You could sit and lis­ten to some re­lax­ing mu­sic or prac­tise steady breath­ing to set­tle your thoughts.

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