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Make lov­ing your mind part of your ev­ery­day health and well­be­ing rou­tine

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Ev­ery­one knows an ap­ple a day keeps the doc­tor away, but have you ever heard of the well­be­ing ben­e­fits of Min­dap­ples? Well, there’s a move­ment spread­ing across the world en­cour­ag­ing peo­ple to em­brace the Min­dap­ple to make ev­ery day more pos­i­tive and boost your men­tal health and well­be­ing.

The idea is a very sim­ple one. A Min­dap­ple is a daily ac­tiv­ity that helps lift your mood and beat stress.

Just like it’s sug­gested we eat five por­tions of fruit and veg a day, we are also be­ing en­cour­aged to carry out five Min­dap­ples a day, from tak­ing a walk in the park to read­ing a book or en­joy­ing a bath, any sim­ple plea­sure that can be eas­ily worked into your day.

The con­cept was started by Andy Gib­bon in 2008 as an on­line cam­paign ask­ing peo­ple to share the de­tails of what they did on a daily ba­sis to keep them feel­ing up­beat.

Many stud­ies have shown that our out­look on life, and the ac­tiv­i­ties we en­joy, can in­crease our well­be­ing by

40 per cent and, over the past nine years, Andy’s idea has grown and grown.

You can now buy Min­dap­ple well­be­ing kits, which in­clude ap­ple-shaped cards to write out your five mood-boost­ing ac­tiv­i­ties on. Peo­ple are even hold­ing spe­cial Min­dap­ple ‘par­ties’ where you get to­gether to share your mood boost­ing ac­tiv­i­ties, then hang them up on a min­dap­ple tree. To get you started, here are some sug­ges­tions for Min­dap­ples you might like to try:

Do some­thing to­tally ab­sorb­ing for 30 min­utes Do some­thing silly Do some­thing nice for some­one else

Look at cat/puppy/cute baby pic­tures on­line

Call a friend for a chat

Go for a walk while lis­ten­ing to mu­sic

To find out more, in­clud­ing de­tails of train­ing cour­ses, visit min­dap­

‘Em­brace the Min­dap­ple to make ev­ery day more pos­i­tive’

Hang your sug­ges­tions on a Min­dap­ple tree

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