Q Can I use the tarot to help me find an ob­ject that I've lost?


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AB­SO­LUTELY. This four-card spread is a step-by-step process you can try to re­unite you with that elu­sive ob­ject.

For the pur­poses of this read­ing, re­move all the Ma­jor Ar­cana cards (so you’re just left with the suit cards). The first card you draw will tell you some­thing you need to know about your miss­ing item, such as when you last had it. Card 2 will flag up the places you need to look. Card 3 will re­veal ex­tra in­for­ma­tion, such as the fact that some­one moved the item you seek. Card 4 will show you if you’ll be able to re­cover the thing you’ve lost.

The suits you draw all give you dif­fer­ent clues:

WANDS You may find the lost item at a half­way height in your home, such as on a mantle­piece or shelf, by a fire or source of heat and near iron or steel.

CUPS You may find the item at a low height, by wa­ter or mois­ture, for ex­am­ple in a bath­room, or near some­thing that con­tains liq­uid.

SWORDS You could lo­cate what you’ve lost up­stairs, by a win­dow or in an open space like your gar­den.

PEN­TA­CLES The item could be in the ground, maybe in the gar­den, by a pa­tio or path­way and near pot­tery or­na­ments.

Read the signs to find out if or where you'll find a miss­ing item

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