Q What is the best way for me to cleanse my cards?


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AF­TER EACH read­ing, shuf­fle the deck and gen­tly breathe out over the cards. Imag­ine them vi­brant and re­vived and free. Here are some sug­ges­tions for fur­ther cleans­ing, but be­fore you try them, talk to your tarot cards, tell them what you are do­ing and why. Al­ways thank them for their ser­vice.

1 Place an amethyst crys­tal on top of the deck and leave for a few hours. even bet­ter, place in the rays of moon­light and leave overnight for a par­tic­u­larly pow­er­ful cleanse.

2 Smudge your deck with a sage stick or favourite in­cense. Imag­ine stuck en­ergy be­ing lifted up­wards and away with the smoke.

3 Lay out your cards on the ta­ble and chime some cym­bals or bells over them all to give them a thor­ough and in­stant cleanse us­ing vi­bra­tion. (this is my favourite cleans­ing prac­tice).

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