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Spirit and Destiny - - Editor’s Letter -

Our round-up of the lat­est tips and trends to help you feel amaz­ing in­side and out!


force you un­der the bed cov­ers and into early hi­ber­na­tion? In­stead, greet each day with this five-minute ‘rain­bow med­i­ta­tion’ breath­ing tech­nique which will help you feel in­stantly up­lifted and ready to face the world.

This sim­ple ex­er­cise, har­ness­ing the pow­er­ful en­er­gies of each colour in the rain­bow, can be prac­tised while sit­ting on the edge of your bed, in the shower or as you sip your morn­ing cuppa, and will leave you feel­ing grounded, bal­anced and clear headed.

Find a quiet place where you feel safe and re­laxed. Now, close your eyes and slowly see your­self breath­ing in each colour in turn. As you do so, say each mantra to your­self and imag­ine the colour fill­ing your body. As you ex­hale, vi­su­alise neg­a­tiv­ity leav­ing your body as the colour black.

When you have fin­ished the se­quence, imag­ine stand­ing un­der a water­fall and let all the colours of the rain­bow wash over you be­fore open­ing your eyes and start­ing your day full of pos­i­tive en­ergy.

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