My spir­i­tual in­spi­ra­tion

Jayne Wal­lace re­veals how her child­hood spirit guide helped her be the clair­voy­ant she is to­day

Spirit and Destiny - - Editor’s Letter -

Clair­voy­ant Jayne Wal­lace talks about em­brac­ing her child­hood spirit guide, re­gain­ing her con­fi­dence and be­ing in­spired to ful­fil her pur­pose

My spirit guide, Star, first came to me in my bed­room when I was six years old. She was around 15, with long white hair, and from the mid­dle of her fore­head shone a daz­zling star, like a re­ally bright crys­tal.

When I told Mum, who was very spir­i­tual, about her, she said: ‘You’ve met your spirit guide. She’s there to help you. Ask her what her name is next time she comes to see you.’

So, I did, and the name ‘Star’ popped into my mind. I was hear­ing Spirit for the first time, and I’ve heard it as an in­ner voice, and learned to lis­ten to it, ever since.

Ac­cept and trust

When I was 12, I woke up scream­ing in pain from my hip, and un­able to move.

I was whisked off to hospi­tal and, af­ter count­less tests, di­ag­nosed with ju­ve­nile rheuma­toid arthri­tis.

Dur­ing those dark days in hospi­tal,

I be­came an­gry, con­fused and very bit­ter. Be­cause of this, I shut out all things spir­i­tual – in­clud­ing Star – and I kept her away for more than six years.

Then, when I was 19 and work­ing in Tener­ife, Star man­aged to break through to me.

‘Some­thing bad is go­ing to hap­pen, I am here for you,’ she said.

Later that day, my brother phoned to tell me Mum had died.

Be­fore I left Tener­ife for home, Mum’s spirit con­nected with me and said: ‘You have to let

Star in. She’s there to guide you. You must not be an­gry, just ac­cept and trust.’

You’re never alone

So, I wel­comed Star back into my life, and it was like a best friend re­turn­ing to me.

I believe she’s a higher be­ing, who’s with me ev­ery day, bring­ing this warm feel­ing and the com­fort of know­ing that I’m never alone.

When I was in hospi­tal as a kid, un­able to move and ter­ri­fied about what was go­ing to hap­pen to me, I lost a lot of con­fi­dence. Re­unit­ing with Star gave me my con­fi­dence back as well as the strength to weather, not just pain, but the grief of los­ing my mum, and later my beloved dad.

Syn­chronic­ity is real

On a freez­ing, grey, sludgy Tues­day be­fore Christ­mas 2005, I had this mad need to go to Sel­fridges, even though the cold was playing havoc with my arthri­tis. Still, I knew Star was telling me I had to go THAT day.

I met up with a friend and, af­ter a bit of shop­ping, we headed to a cof­fee shop in Sel­fridges, but there wasn’t a seat to be had.

Then I heard Star say: ‘Just walk around one more time.’

So, I did as she said and sure enough there was a ta­ble. We sat down and I got my Tarot cards out, to give my friend a read­ing. All of a sud­den I spot­ted this busi­ness­man star­ing over at me.

‘You must talk to him,’ said a voice in my head. The man came over and asked what I was do­ing. When I told him, he asked if I could do it any­where.

‘Of course,’ I smiled.

Then he said: ‘I want you here – in my store.’ It turned out he was Paul Kelly, di­rec­tor of Sel­fridges! He only walks around the de­part­ment store on a Tues­day and Star had made sure I was right there when he was.

I opened my Psy­chic Sis­ters con­ces­sion at Sel­fridges the fol­low­ing year, of­fer­ing read­ings and heal­ing.

Spread the word

Star hasn’t just helped me de­velop my psy­chic gifts, she’s also given me the courage and con­vic­tion to help as many peo­ple as I can with them. She's in­spired me to ful­fil my pur­pose, which is to take spir­i­tu­al­ity to the lives of or­di­nary peo­ple, in­clud­ing those who wouldn’t nor­mally believe or have ac­cess to psy­chics like me – such as the peo­ple who visit Sel­fridges.

‘She gave me the courage and con­vic­tion to ful­fil my pur­pose’

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