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Your as­tro­log­i­cal birth chart can be a pow­er­ful tool to help you trans­form your world, as two read­ers ex­plain…

Spirit and Destiny - - Editor’s Letter -

Two read­ers re­veal how hav­ing their birth charts drawn up brought valu­able in­sight and pow­er­ful trans­for­ma­tion to their lives

The bath­room door was locked and I could fi­nally re­lax in the bath with a glass of wine. This was my sa­cred time. I’d just put my nine-year-old son, San­ti­ago, or ‘Santi’, to bed. He had com­plex learn­ing dif­fi­cul­ties which meant bed­time was al­ways chal­leng­ing.

Ly­ing back in the wa­ter, I felt ex­hausted.

‘Will life ever get eas­ier?’ I won­dered, for the umpteenth time.

My re­la­tion­ship with Santi’s dad had ended not long af­ter I’d fallen preg­nant. Un­set­tled,

I’d moved from Spain to Lon­don, and then

Santi was born with neu­ro­log­i­cal and phys­i­cal prob­lems. He had dif­fi­culty with lan­guage and com­mu­ni­ca­tion, as well as low mus­cle den­sity, which could lead to bowel prob­lems.

Look­ing af­ter him on my own was re­ally tough. Snatched mo­ments to my­self, such as a peace­ful bath, were few and far be­tween. So, it was hardly sur­pris­ing that at the be­gin­ning of 2017, af­ter nine years of try­ing to hold it all to­gether, I fell apart and had what I'd de­scribe as a mini break­down.

The plan­ets held the key to our way for­ward

I was ex­hausted on ev­ery level and so over­whelmed I’d be in floods of tears most days. I had a lit­tle boy who needed me but I had no idea how to help my­self.

The only thing that gave me a glim­mer of hope that I could be happy again were my spir­i­tual in­ter­ests. I prac­ticed re­flex­ol­ogy in my spare time and loved us­ing it to help oth­ers. Strug­gling to get over the break­down I de­cided to spend more time ex­plor­ing that as­pect of my­self and my life.

I went to a lec­ture with crys­tal healer and as­trologer Judy Hall at the Col­lege of Psy­chic Stud­ies in Lon­don. We got chat­ting and I learnt that hav­ing your fam­ily’s birth charts drawn up can help you gain in­sight into your re­la­tion­ships and how to im­prove them.

Al­though I was no ex­pert, I’d al­ways found as­trol­ogy and the idea that the plan­ets could have an im­pact on your life path fas­ci­nat­ing. As we spoke I had one of those light­bulb mo­ments.

Maybe hav­ing mine and Santi’s joint charts drawn up could help us.

I knew some­thing had to be done to help me cope and to be the mum I longed to be.

‘I’m in des­per­ate need of guid­ance, can you help me?’ I begged.

Judy was too busy, but she put me in touch with her as­trologer friend Terri Ce­leste.

When I met Terri to have my birth chart drawn up, I gave her mine and Santi’s date,

‘I see all of the chal­lenges we've been through as

a gift’

time and place of birth, but didn’t tell her any­thing at all about his dis­abil­ity. To my as­ton­ish­ment it was one of the first things she com­mented on.

‘Your son has some com­plex needs,’ she said. ‘And you are feel­ing phys­i­cally and emo­tion­ally burnt out.

‘Santi doesn’t have any fire en­ergy in his chart and you have next to none too,’ con­tin­ued Terri. ‘This could be why you’re feel­ing so low on en­ergy. Ideally you need a bal­ance of el­e­ments to be in sync.’

She rec­om­mended hav­ing a red can­dle and a red bowl on dis­play to in­crease the fire en­ergy in our home.

By look­ing at my birth chart she also found that there was a line of ad­dic­tion in my fam­ily tree, which man­i­fested it­self in var­i­ous ways such as worka­holism or be­ing ad­dicted to stress and anxiety.

I had been af­fected by all of these things to a cer­tain ex­tent.

‘I don’t want to pass any of these traits on to Santi,’ I pan­icked.

‘By open­ing up your spir­i­tual con­nec­tion and be­com­ing more con­scious of your ac­tions, you can eas­ily break these pat­terns,’ she as­sured me.

Af­ter the as­trol­ogy ses­sion, Terri gave me some dis­tant heal­ing to raise my en­ergy lev­els. To my amaze­ment, the very next day, I felt dif­fer­ent – much more en­er­gised, pos­i­tive and ea­ger to get go­ing with my spir­i­tual de­vel­op­ment.

Mir­a­cles can hap­pen

A few weeks later, I at­tended a Mir­a­cles Work­shop at a lo­cal Mind Body Spirit fair, where we made wishes. My wish was for a more ful­fill­ing ca­reer.

Within days of wish­ing for that change, I was made re­dun­dant from my PR job.

I’d asked for a mir­a­cle and I’d got one.

Us­ing some of my sav­ings, I de­cided to start my own PR con­sul­tancy, along­side prac­tic­ing as a re­flex­ol­o­gist.

Ever since Santi was a lit­tle boy, I have treated him with re­flex­ol­ogy which has clearly had a ben­e­fi­cial ef­fect on his health and be­havioural is­sues.

This year I’ve writ­ten the first draft of a self-help book about my jour­ney with my son. I’ve also launched a busi­ness em­pow­er­ing par­ents by show­ing them how to use re­flex­ol­ogy to op­ti­mise their child's health and well­be­ing.

Hav­ing our birth charts drawn up has helped me find my soul pur­pose and to be a bet­ter par­ent. I see all of the chal­lenges we’ve been through as a gift and give thanks for the won­der­ful life we now share.

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Hav­ing your chart read can help un­lock the door to your best life

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