Quiz: Con­nect with your spir­i­tual guardian

Which mys­ti­cal helper is watch­ing over you?

Spirit and Destiny - - Editor’s Letter -

Take our re­veal­ing quiz to dis­cover the iden­tity of your mys­ti­cal pro­tec­tor

We’ve all had times when we haven’t felt ap­pre­ci­ated, un­der­stood, sup­ported or en­cour­aged, and that our friends and rel­a­tives just aren’t ‘get­ting’ how we feel or re­ally lis­ten­ing to our wor­ries.

In mo­ments like this, what we need more than any­thing is some­one to re­as­sure us, by telling us, and more im­por­tantly mak­ing us believe, that things are go­ing to be all right.

The good news is that we all have some­one wait­ing to bring sooth­ing, en­light­en­ing and re­as­sur­ing words our way, as every­one has their very own spir­i­tual guardian to watch over and guide them through life. This might be the Di­vine Fem­i­nine, an as­cended mas­ter or an el­e­men­tal. You may not be aware of them, but they may have been with you since you were born, or come to guide you in times of need, or when you were at a key stage in your spir­i­tual de­vel­op­ment.

These pro­tec­tors are from the higher realms, and come to the earthly plane to share their oth­er­worldly and uni­ver­sal wis­dom. This makes them dif­fer­ent from the guides we have in our lives in the form of rel­a­tives and an­ces­tors in Spirit, who bring guid­ance and sup­port borne out of their time on earth.

Wise women and au­thors Flavia Kate Peters and Bar­bara Meik­le­john-Free have cre­ated this quiz to help you dis­cover the spir­i­tual guardian watch­ing over you. An­swer the ques­tions op­po­site to iden­tify your spir­i­tual aide from the higher realms, who is there to guide and pro­tect you, as well as give you heal­ing dur­ing any dif­fi­cult and painful ex­pe­ri­ences in life.

'It is com­fort­ing to know that each and ev­ery one of us has a higher spir­i­tual guardian,' says Flavia. ‘These watch­ers have our backs, mak­ing sure that we are pro­tected as our soul jour­neys through this phys­i­cal realm. Once we know who our guides are, we can iden­tify with them and have a greater un­der­stand­ing of our­selves.’

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