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Can a feng shui makeover in her home help writer Mon­ica Caf­ferky get her mo­ti­va­tional mojo back?

Spirit and Destiny - - Editor’s Letter -

Writer Mon­ica Caf­ferky tries a feng shui home makeover to help her find her miss­ing mojo

It’s Mon­day morn­ing and I feel like I’m wad­ing through trea­cle as I plough through my emails. I know many peo­ple will be hav­ing the same ex­pe­ri­ence but it’s not nor­mally how I start my day. Usu­ally, I’m full of en­ergy and raring to go, but over the past four months I’ve felt drained and jaded.

I’ve been a busy free­lance writer for 20 years but as my mo­ti­va­tion has dropped, I’ve thought about do­ing some­thing com­pletely dif­fer­ent like dog groom­ing or in­te­rior de­sign. I love jour­nal­ism, though, and I know no other work will make me as happy. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do since I was 11-years-old. But some­thing is def­i­nitely wrong. As well as los­ing my work mojo, I’m also bick­er­ing with my hus­band, John, about silly lit­tle things like do­ing the wash­ing up and whose turn it is to take out the rub­bish.

I sus­pect the en­er­gies in my home have some­how be­come off-kil­ter so I de­cide to hire the ser­vices of a feng shui ex­pert to see if they can re­store bal­ance to my space.

Home help

I find a prac­ti­tioner via The Feng Shui So­ci­ety’s web­site, and a few days later I’m sit­ting in my kitchen with Tracy Long­don. She ex­plains that feng shui orig­i­nated in China and has been prac­ticed for at least 3,000 years.

‘The words feng shui mean wind and wa­ter,’ says Tracy. ‘Feng shui works on the prin­ci­ple that when chi, the life force, is flow­ing prop­erly around your home you will be sup­ported in life, mov­ing with the tide in­stead of against it.’

Tracy adds that how you feel about your home is how you feel about your life. ‘I love my home, it just needs spruc­ing up a bit,’ I re­ply with a laugh. Tracy nods and tells me that feng shui can im­prove not just my mo­ti­va­tion but health, re­la­tion­ships and wealth ‘to name a few ar­eas’.

I’m im­pressed, al­though I do feel ner­vous about what she’s go­ing to dis­cover in my home. Tracy tells me not to worry and opens her sil­ver case. I spot the tools of her trade in­clud­ing dows­ing rods, my house plans (which I emailed ear­lier), a com­pass and a chart called a ‘bagua’.

The bagua is one of the main tools of feng shui and is di­vided into eight life ar­eas. In essence, it’s a feng shui tem­plate of the home’s en­er­gies and shows what el­e­ment, like fire and metal, should be in each par­tic­u­lar area to cre­ate har­mony.

TRACY USES her com­pass to check my home’s di­rec­tion, and con­cludes it’s south fac­ing. Us­ing this di­rec­tion as a guide, she draws the bagua tem­plate onto the plans of each floor of my house to show her where the eight life ar­eas are. The ar­eas are: Help­ful Friends, Ca­reer, Quiet Con­tem­pla­tion, Elders, Wealth, Fame, Re­la­tion­ships, Cre­ativ­ity and Health.

Each life area cor­re­sponds to an el­e­ment, for ex­am­ple Fame cor­re­sponds with fire and Ca­reer with wa­ter. You need ob­jects that rep­re­sent these el­e­ments in each life area to help chi flow.

‘If some­one is ex­pe­ri­enc­ing a prob­lem of­ten an el­e­ment, like wa­ter or metal, is lack­ing in that part of the bagua,’ Tina ex­plains. ‘I also look for clut­ter which is block­ing the area you want to im­prove.’

I’m ruth­less about clut­ter and very or­gan­ised, I even have colour-blocked wardrobes, so Tracy de­cides to con­cen­trate on bring­ing in the el­e­ments. I ask her to fo­cus on Ca­reer (wa­ter) Health (earth) and Re­la­tion­ships (earth) be­cause I feel the other life ar­eas are in bal­ance.

‘To boost the el­e­ments in dif­fer­ent life ar­eas we can move ob­jects like mir­rors and pho­tographs around and bring in crys­tals,’ says Tracy. ‘Af­ter­wards, your home won’t look like it’s been feng shui’d, it will just feel dif­fer­ent.

‘The bagua’s most im­por­tant life area is Health,’ ex­plains Tracy. ‘If Health is in bal­ance it sup­ports ev­ery other area.’

Us­ing the bagua, Tracy lo­cates Health on my ground floor. It’s in my kitchen, right where a pin-board hangs on the wall.

Creat­ing a pos­i­tive at­mos­phere

‘Use the pin board to dis­play ob­jects that rep­re­sent health, peace, hap­pi­ness – things that are im­por­tant in your life,’ she ad­vises. ‘I love the pho­tos of you and John but

I’d ditch the “Se­cret Lemon­ade Drinker” post­card as it could en­cour­age you to con­sume too much sugar,’ ad­vises Tra­cie.

She sug­gests mov­ing the recycling bin from this area be­cause ‘you don’t want your life to re­volve around it.’ I don’t tell her that I’m a bit ob­sessed by recycling and move the bin to the hall­way – the area of Quiet Con­tem­pla­tion.

‘Recycling is all about the earth,’ Tracy says, ‘So the bin works well here.’

In the liv­ing room Tracy iden­ti­fies my Re­la­tion­ship area where a wooden box sits. She says this a great place to cre­ate a small ar­range­ment of ob­jects to bring in the earth el­e­ment.

‘Pink and white flow­ers will work well here as will a rose quartz crys­tal, the stone of love, and a pink can­dle. Fire is cru­cial to nour­ish the earth,’ she adds.

Hav­ing done the Health area down­stairs, we head up­stairs to lo­cate the Health area on the first floor. It’s just out­side my of­fice. John’s gui­tar sits here and she agrees this is ideal be­cause he's happy when he plays.

‘I’d leave the rest of the land­ing blank. Space can man­i­fest un­ex­pected things, let the uni­verse work its magic,’ she adds.

In my of­fice, Tracy lo­cates my Ca­reer area near my desk – the per­fect spot. How­ever, she opens my fil­ing cab­i­net and dis­cov­ers years of mag­a­zine cut­tings.

‘This clut­ter is like an an­chor, it's what’s block­ing your work,’ says Tracy tri­umphantly. ‘It’s drag­ging you down.’

I’m shocked and ad­mit that I’ve been mean­ing to sort out the pa­per­work for eons. 'Do it soon,' Tracy tells me. 'And it will cre­ate space for new op­por­tu­ni­ties.'

In the bed­room, Tracy lo­cates the Re­la­tion­ship area by the chest of draw­ers. She sug­gests we dis­play a photo of John and my­self plus a can­dle and crys­tal, to cre­ate a fo­cal spot about us.

‘The bed’s in the wrong place, you should be able to see the door,’ adds

Tracy. She ex­plains that to re­lax we need to feel safe and see­ing the door pro­vides that feel­ing. If I can’t move the bed, she sug­gests po­si­tion­ing a mir­ror so we can see it’s re­flec­tion in­stead.

We drag the mir­ror from the hall­way into the bed­room and

I have to ad­mit it looks good.

El­e­ments such as wa­ter or fire can help cre­ate har­mony in each space Did you know? of man­i­fes­ta­tion ul­ti­mate Na­ture is the dec­o­rat­ing so and wealth, will abun­dance happy plants with lush, your home

Tracy checks my house plans to iden­tify the ar­eas I want to work on

This group of ob­jects will give my re­la­tion­ship area a boost

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