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Res­i­dent crys­tal healer Lyn Palmer ex­plains the amaz­ing ben­e­fits of com­bin­ing crys­tals with med­i­ta­tion

Med­i­ta­tion con­jures up images of crossed legs, palms fac­ing sky­wards and the sound of ‘Oms’ fill­ing the air, as you drift off into a bliss­ful no-mind space.

So, here goes… you pop on some re­lax­ing mu­sic and sit down, con­fi­dently clos­ing your eyes. But then, you peel one eye open, your mind buzzing with thoughts, and be­fore you know it the mo­ment passes. Sound fa­mil­iar? Well, bring on your crys­tal friends!

Hold­ing a crys­tal, say a palm-sized clear quartz point, can help still your mind and fo­cus your en­ergy and in­tent.

Re­cently, while I was pre­par­ing to med­i­tate, builders ar­rived next door and be­gan knock­ing down a wall with sledge ham­mers and drills.

Not con­ducive to still­ing the mind!

Open­ing my eyes, I no­ticed a pyrite crys­tal seemed to be wav­ing from across the room. ‘Great,’ I thought ‘That will help block out the noise.’

I don’t know how it works but it never fails. I col­lected my golden lemurian crys­tal point, one of my favourite stones for clear­ing and fo­cus­ing my mind and, mo­ments af­ter plac­ing the pyrite on the win­dowsill, the work­men stopped for their tea break.

Twenty min­utes later and feel­ing re­freshed, I opened my eyes just as the work­men be­gan again!

Give your med­i­ta­tion a power boost

Com­bin­ing crys­tals with med­i­ta­tion am­pli­fies the power of both, whether you're look­ing to med­i­tate for re­lax­ation, clear mud­dled thoughts, un­tan­gle a prob­lem or find in­spi­ra­tion.

Last week, need­ing guid­ance in choos­ing some crys­tals for a new client, I cre­ated a large cir­cle of crys­tals on the floor, in­clud­ing ruby for health, cre­ativ­ity, pro­tec­tion, and de­ci­sion mak­ing, blue lace agate for com­mu­ni­ca­tion and calm­ness, moon­stone for re­leas­ing blocks, pro­mot­ing change and new be­gin­nings, and an­gelite for grief and anger – all of which I'd picked out by dows­ing with my tried and trusted lapis lazuli pen­du­lum.

Next, I sat in the cir­cle, fo­cused on my golden lemurian, and be­gan to med­i­tate.

My mind emp­tied of thoughts, and bright images of seven crys­tals from the cir­cle ap­peared, one for each of my client’s chakras.

I hadn’t known where to start with pick­ing crys­tals for her, but, yet again, with their help, I was able to empty my mind and con­cen­trate.

Any­time, any­where

And even if you want to med­i­tate in the park, by a river, at a sa­cred site or in your hotel room while on hol­i­day, you can, be­cause crys­tals are por­ta­ble (if you choose small­ish ones!)

I had an ab­so­lutely amaz­ing med­i­ta­tion ex­pe­ri­ence ear­lier this year in France.

My hus­band, Philip, and I were pay­ing a visit to a sa­cred site in Brit­tany, si­t­u­ated in a mag­i­cal clear­ing within a se­cluded wood­land.

It was a hot day so I sat down to med­i­tate, reach­ing in my pocket for my turquoise trav­el­ling crys­tal to fo­cus my mind on, and closed my eyes. It was bliss and, stroking the turquoise stone, I felt a gen­tle shift.

It was as though I had left the ground and be­gun to lev­i­tate, float­ing above the trees up into the end­less blue sky.

As I peered down into the clear­ing far be­low, I could see the sa­cred site’s golden aura vi­brat­ing and re­ceived a clear mes­sage: Take time to re­con­nect with na­ture and the uni­verse! It was such a won­der­ful, vivid and in­tense ex­pe­ri­ence.

Try in­cor­po­rat­ing crys­tals into your med­i­ta­tion prac­tice to see if it helps clear your mind and brings a lit­tle added oomph to your

mo­ment of calm.

‘Hold­ing a crys­tal can still your mind and fo­cus your


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