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Julie Ann Thomp­son's psy­chic daugh­ter ig­nited a pas­sion for her own hid­den abil­ity… ‘My fears that Ali­son would in­herit my gift were com­ing true’

Lean­ing against the door to the liv­ing room I watched my lit­tle girl, Ali­son, as she played tea party with her toys. ‘I’ll sit here and you go next to Pony,’ she said into thin air. ‘Now, you get some bis­cuits for Dolly and I’ll cut the cake.’

She seemed so happy, mer­rily chat­ting away to her­self, at least, that’s what I hoped she was do­ing – the other pos­si­bil­ity filled me with ut­ter dread.

All four-year-olds had imaginary friends, I tried re­as­sur­ing my­self. She’s just playing make believe, there’s noth­ing to worry about.

Yet a few weeks later I woke in the night to Ali­son cry­ing and call­ing my name.

‘What it is dar­ling?’ I asked, sit­ting down on her bed and pulling her into my arms.

‘Th-th-there’s a lit­tle girl in my room with no face,’ she sobbed.

My heart sank. Oh no, not this, please, any­thing but this.

Tak­ing a deep breath to steady my nerves, I said calmly: ‘Where is she honey?’

Shak­ing, Ali­son pointed at the cor­ner.

‘Well, don't worry she isn’t go­ing to hurt you,’ I promised. ‘And all you have to do is tell her to leave you alone and she will, okay?’

Ali­son nod­ded, wip­ing away her tears and clos­ing her eyes as I tucked her back un­der the cov­ers. But I was in for a sleep­less night.

I’d al­ways wor­ried Ali­son would in­herit my psy­chic gift and now it seemed my worst fears were com­ing true.

Re­peat­ing the pat­tern

In my fam­ily, ev­ery third daugh­ter of a third daugh­ter had the abil­ity. Af­ter my first daugh­ter, Au­drey, had been born I’d had a mis­car­riage, which made Ali­son my third child.

I’d re­ally hoped the spell had fi­nally been bro­ken – I’d grown up so con­fused and scared of my gift, I didn’t want the same for her – but ev­ery­thing that was hap­pen­ing to Ali­son re­minded me of my own child­hood.

When I was Ali­son’s age it had been the same ev­ery night – I’d see shad­owy fig­ures in my bed­room, hear whis­per­ing voices and cry out in fear for my mum.

Even­tu­ally she moved my bed into her bed­room, but it didn’t help. As I grew older I be­gan chat­ting to a lit­tle girl called Abby, who would visit me in my room. Al­though she didn’t scare me, I as­sumed at first that every­one could see her, but they couldn’t.

Talk­ing to the dead

Mum, how­ever, never made a fuss. Look­ing back now I sup­pose be­cause she was psy­chic her­self this was nor­mal to her and so she never broached the sub­ject of spir­its with me, but I was ter­ri­fied.

My nanna, An­gelia, was just the same. When I was five, my grandad, Al­bert, passed away and a lit­tle while later I vis­ited Nanna’s house. I sat watch­ing TV while Nanna did her cro­chet­ing and chat­ted about some dec­o­rat­ing she was plan­ning on do­ing.

All of a sud­den, five dif­fer­ent win­dow blinds shot up at the same time and, while I screamed, Nanna didn’t flinch.

‘Now Al­bert stop that,’ she sighed. ‘It’s okay, I won’t paint the liv­ing room.’

Un­be­known to me, com­mu­ni­cat­ing with Grandad was as nor­mal as breath­ing for Nanna, but I couldn’t get to grips with the fact that dead peo­ple were try­ing to com­mu­ni­cate with me.

As a teenager, my abil­ity to hear and see Spirit be­came even stronger. Some spir­its I would see, oth­ers I would just hear, but their vis­its to my bed­room con­tin­ued nightly.

I would lay there lis­ten­ing to them talk­ing and pull the cov­ers over my head, too sa­cred to

look or say a word, but will­ing them to go away. There was no way I was go­ing to tell Mum, she’d think I was crazy, and what if she sent me away? My mind was filled with the ir­ra­tional thoughts only a child can have – so I kept quiet.

And, back then, you couldn’t just turn on the TV and watch pro­grammes about the para­nor­mal, or Google ‘what’s hap­pen­ing to me’.

So, when I read some­where that peo­ple who could see spir­its were able to shut them out, I de­cided to try it.

The next time a ghostly vis­i­tor came to my room, I screamed loudly into the dark: ‘I’m not go­ing to be afraid of you any­more!’ and vi­su­alised build­ing a brick wall around my mind.

For a while, it seemed to work. I stopped see­ing and hear­ing peo­ple and it fi­nally felt like I could get on with be­ing a ‘nor­mal’ kid. I went to col­lege and stud­ied to be a men­tal health coun­sel­lor, got mar­ried and had our girls.

But my psy­chic skills never left me. I could still hear and see spir­its, if I wanted to. But that was the point, I didn’t want to.

Still, I did fi­nally feel I was old enough to broach the sub­ject with Mum.

‘You’ve in­her­ited it from me,’ she re­vealed. ‘And I in­her­ited it from your nanna.

‘I never wanted to talk to you about it though, in case it scared you,’ she con­fessed.

It seemed the gift was strong in our fam­ily and had been for gen­er­a­tions.

‘I re­mem­ber one day when I wanted to go ice-skat­ing on a lo­cal lake but your Nanna wouldn’t let me,’ Mum told me. ‘She said I couldn’t go be­cause some­thing bad would

hap­pen to me. We later dis­cov­ered that a child had fallen through the ice that day and died.’

Just as blood ran through our veins, so did this psy­chic abil­ity. And now it turned out my lit­tle girl had in­her­ited it too.

Psy­chic in­her­i­tance

That fact was cer­tainly brought home to me a few months later.

Ev­ery year we’d go ap­ple pick­ing in a nearby or­chard. It was an an­nual fam­ily event and Ali­son loved it be­cause there was a horse and cart you could ride around on. But, this time, as we got ready to head off there she be­came re­ally ag­i­tated.

‘We can’t go Mummy,’ she sobbed. ‘We can’t, we can’t.’

She was so up­set we stayed at home. The next day I heard on the news that, at the time we would have been vis­it­ing the or­chard, the horse had ca­reered out of con­trol and tram­pled some­one to death.

I knew then for def­i­nite that like Nanna, Ali­son had the gift of fore­sight.

Know­ing that my lit­tle girl had in­her­ited her psy­chic abil­ity from me made me feel so bad as I knew how con­fus­ing and scary it could be. But I was de­ter­mined that she wouldn’t grow up like I did – feel­ing dif­fer­ent, not un­der­stand­ing her abil­i­ties, be­ing ter­ri­fied of them and try­ing to push them away be­cause she didn’t feel like she had any­one to talk to.

Help­ing her un­der­stand

When Ali­son was 10, I sat her down and tried to ex­plain to her what this gift meant.

‘As well as me, both my mum and her mum have this gift too, so there’s no need to be afraid of it,’ I told her. ‘I know it’s hard to get your head around it but we are here to help peo­ple who have passed over, they want your help to con­tact peo­ple who are liv­ing.’

‘OK Mum,’ she replied, tak­ing it all in. ‘But other kids don’t do this?’

‘No, not all kids,’ I replied gen­tly. ‘So maybe it’s best not to tell all your friends. I don’t want you get­ting made fun of or be­ing bul­lied. Be care­ful who you share it with.’

‘OK,’ Ali­son said. ‘But, I’m scared. Will see­ing spir­its ever go away?’

‘Don’t worry,’ I re­as­sured her. ‘I’m go­ing to help you deal with it.’

The last thing I ex­pected

It was re­ally im­por­tant for me to be open with Ali­son to help her un­der­stand what was go­ing on and not feel afraid, so I took her to see my friend Amy, a medium.

Like us, she’d been psy­chic since child­hood. ‘The good news is Ali­son’s a very pow­er­ful medium,’ she told me. ‘But the bad news is... she’s a very pow­er­ful medium! And your abil­i­ties are just as strong too. In fact, you’re one of the strong­est medi­ums I know and you can’t carry on ig­nor­ing what you have, you’re here for a rea­son.’

But I’d ‘parked’ my gifts a long time ago. Al­though I’d never stopped see­ing and hear­ing Spirit, it didn’t mean I wanted to be able to. My own ex­pe­ri­ences as a young­ster had left me scared of my skills.

But Amy had other plans for me.

‘There’s a beau­ti­ful blonde woman head­ing your way,’ re­vealed Amy. ‘Look out for her, she will be your teacher.’

‘Yep, what­ever!’ I laughed. My fo­cus right now was on Ali­son.

Coun­selling spir­its

Two weeks later I went to a talk given by a para­nor­mal group to see if I could get any tips for help­ing Ali­son on her jour­ney.

Stand­ing out­side af­ter­wards, I no­ticed a tall blonde lady wait­ing out­side too. When she looked over at me, I had the strangest sen­sa­tion – like we’d known each other for­ever and that she was psy­chic like me. Feel­ing strangely drawn to her, I walked over and in­tro­duced my­self.

‘You’re a medium, aren’t you?’ I said.

‘Yes, I am,’ she smiled, in­tro­duc­ing her­self as Danielle. ‘And so are you.’

We got chat­ting and, by the end of our con­ver­sa­tion, Danielle had in­vited me to join the para­nor­mal group, which she co-owned.

It all hap­pened so quickly and soon Danielle was train­ing me in de­vel­op­ing and us­ing my psy­chic gifts.

She would sit with me and ask me to tell her what I could see and hear, help­ing me nur­ture the tal­ents I’d kept hid­den for so long.

Soon I was work­ing with the para­nor­mal in­ves­ti­ga­tion team too.

‘I knew then that my daugh­ter also had the gift of


We’d go to houses, equipped with cam­eras, record­ing equip­ment and my psy­chic skills, to find ghosts. Usu­ally we were called to pri­vate houses where the own­ers were be­ing both­ered by a spirit pres­ence.

We would go in and find the spirit, and I would talk to them, coun­sel them, find out what was wrong, just like I would in my day job as a coun­sel­lor. Then, if they were ready, I would help them move on and be at peace.

In one home, I found a re­ally an­gry spirit and I dis­cov­ered by talk­ing to him that he was a for­mer care­taker of the build­ing and felt trapped there.

Us­ing what Danielle had taught me, I con­tacted his fam­ily in Spirit, along with some archangels and guides, and to­gether we helped him move on.

It was work I loved. Amy had said I was here for a rea­son, and at last I knew what she meant. I couldn’t believe I had shunned my skills all these years.

My gift even saved my life.

One time I was driv­ing home when I got an over­whelm­ing feel­ing some­thing bad was go­ing to hap­pen.

Sud­denly, I fol­lowed my urge to swerve and it was lucky that I did.

At that mo­ment, a lad­der that had been badly at­tached to the roof of the car in front fell into the road.

If I hadn’t swerved it would have crashed straight into me.

Go­ing full cir­cle

With Amy’s help Ali­son’s gifts also flour­ished and, when she was 11, the para­nor­mal team asked her to join them too.

As well as my work mov­ing spir­its on from peo­ple’s homes, I started do­ing read­ings for friends and fam­ily.

And, when Mum died five years ago, she started show­ing us she was still around.

When she was alive, the two of us of­ten talked about how we’d find a way to con­nect with each other when one of us died.

‘We’ll make light­bulbs flicker,’ we de­cided. A cou­ple of weeks af­ter Mum’s death, I was sit­ting alone on the set­tee when the light­bulb in the lamp on the ta­ble next to me sud­denly shat­tered. I knew it was Mum and af­ter that there was no stop­ping her.

I was in a restau­rant a year later when the light above our ta­ble started flick­er­ing.

‘Mum is that you?’ I asked.

It flick­ered back in re­sponse.

Soon, we were even get­ting her to flicker once for ‘yes’ and two for ‘no’ and now she of­ten com­mu­ni­cates with us in this way. Speak­ing to her spirit is com­pletely nor­mal for us. Things have come full cir­cle.

We’ve helped each other along the way

Ali­son is now 16 and re­ally en­joys her psy­chic work. It all feels as if it’s meant to be.

We love be­ing a mother and daugh­ter team, it's fan­tas­tic, and our skills com­ple­ment each other per­fectly.

Ali­son picks up vi­bra­tions on a dif­fer­ent level to me, so some­times she may see or hear a spirit that I don’t. We find the dif­fer­ent pieces of a psy­chic puz­zle – I call it

‘psy­chic CSI’ – and then we fit them to­gether, solve the case and move the spir­its on.

For ex­am­ple, dur­ing one in­ves­ti­ga­tion we worked on, Ali­son was strongly drawn to a par­tic­u­lar paint­ing hang­ing on the wall and didn’t know why. I hadn’t even no­ticed the pic­ture but, tun­ing into it, I was able to dis­cover that the per­son who was haunt­ing the place had painted it.

Ali­son and I have worked on over 30 cases to­gether so far and I have her to thank for all the fun we are hav­ing.

If it wasn’t for hav­ing to face up to the fact she had in­her­ited my fam­ily’s psy­chic gift, I would never have em­braced my own abil­i­ties.

I'm so grate­ful to Ali­son, she helped me come to terms with my own pow­ers and see what a gift they truly are.

There’s noth­ing like pass­ing on mes­sages of love to peo­ple whose hearts are bro­ken be­cause they’ve lost some­one.

I fi­nally feel in­cred­i­bly lucky to have in­her­ited such a special gift and best of all, I know Ali­son feels that way too.

My nanna An­gelia and grandpa Al­bert

Ali­son has honed her skills

Ali­son aged 3, around the time she started to see spirit

I kept my gift a se­cret for so long

Me, dows­ing for spir­its dur­ing a ghost hunt

At work, try­ing to make con­tact with Spirit

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