Re­veal­ing your life path

Spirit and Destiny - - Palm Reading Masterclass -

As well as be­ing a re­flec­tion of the ups and downs of life, the marks on our hands can also pro­vide a clear in­di­ca­tion of our spir­i­tual path and des­tiny.

‘Our hands show our po­ten­tial, our fears, our strengths and weak­nesses and, in par­tic­u­lar, our con­nec­tion to the psy­chic and spir­i­tual as­pects of our­selves,’ says Johnny.

‘I first dis­cov­ered the power of palm­istry 30 years ago in a yoga class, when the teacher – who seemed to know just as much about palm read­ing as he did about yoga – took a look at my hands. He told me that al­though I ap­peared ‘laid back’ I was in fact buzzing with ten­sion and also suf­fered from a mas­sive in­fe­ri­or­ity com­plex. He said my de­sire to be a teacher (which, un­be­known to him, I was train­ing for) was a bad idea and also told me that I’d had a lot of ill­nesses as a child. I was ut­terly as­ton­ished. Ev­ery­thing he ‘read’ in my palm was true. It was as if he’d looked deep into my soul!’

Us­ing palm­istry to change your des­tiny

‘I was so as­tounded that I de­cided to study the sub­ject, ditched my plans to be­come a teacher, and be­came a pro­fes­sional palm reader five years later. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to find my­self in that same po­si­tion as the yoga teacher, as­tound­ing peo­ple with in­sights re­vealed by the hand. It doesn’t mat­ter how many years pass and how many hands I read,

palm­istry has never stopped amaz­ing me with its many and var­ied rev­e­la­tions.’

Tra­di­tional palm­istry, says Johnny, was based rigidly on the idea that we have a fixed and un­change­able des­tiny, a ‘fate’ we can do lit­tle to al­ter. ‘In that way, palm read­ing tended to be much more about ‘for­tune telling’,' he says.

‘If you had a read­ing 50 years ago you might, for in­stance, have been told you had a ‘line of ac­ci­dent’ or two short lines cross­ing your life­line which rep­re­sents an ‘es­cape from danger’.

‘Most mod­ern palm read­ers, how­ever, believe that our fate is, to a cer­tain ex­tent, de­ter­mined by our own choices so rather than mak­ing pre­dic­tions that can worry peo­ple, we try to help clients un­der­stand them­selves through what we see on their hands so that they can, with a bit of willpower, work on their strengths and weak­nesses, and once they have, their palm lines will change to re­flect this too.'

Dos and don’ts

'While some books on palm­istry will tell you to cover the palm in ink in or­der to be able to read it, I’d say all you need is a good strong light and the pa­tience to look care­fully at the hand. Palm-read­ing re­ally can be very sim­ple.

‘There are a few ba­sic dos and don’ts – do al­ways look at your own or an­other’s palms

Palm­istry has its

roots in In­dian as­trol­ogy and Ro­man

for­tune telling

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