THE MA­JOR LINES: Heart, head, life & fate

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These four key lines can revel our strengths and what we need to work on


If it runs all the way to the bot­tom of the palm, you’re down-to-earth. A short line doesn't mean a short life, it shows you’re highly spir­i­tual. Your chal­lenge is not to be over­whelmed by wor­ries about your se­cu­rity.


If deeper and longer than the other ma­jor lines on the same palm you’re ‘ruled by the heart’. Your chal­lenge is to reign in emo­tional be­hav­iour.


If this line is the strong­est of your four lines, you think deeply and an­a­lyse at length be­fore act­ing. Your chal­lenge is to be more spon­ta­neous.


If this line is your strong­est line, you have the strength of char­ac­ter to achieve goals. Your chal­lenge is to not be sin­gle-minded at all costs.

in a good, nat­u­ral light. Do re­mem­ber palm-read­ing isn’t en­ter­tain­ment, but a very pow­er­ful tool to be used wisely. Don’t rush your read­ing or do it in a busy, so­cial sit­u­a­tion. Fi­nally, don’t guess about mark­ings you don’t know. There will al­ways be signs you don’t rec­og­nize – every­one’s palm is dif­fer­ent – just fo­cus on signs you know the mean­ing of,’ says Johnny. Now you are ready to get started. pas­sive hand that’s the true re­vealer, as it shows your deeper char­ac­ter­is­tics and rep­re­sents your au­then­tic per­son­al­ity. See the ac­tive palm as show­ing the work­ing, fully awake per­son and the pas­sive as re­veal­ing what’s buried and sleep­ing un­der­neath.

'If the lines are very dif­fer­ent on each palm it shows there’s likely to have been huge change and de­vel­op­ment in your life. You are prob­a­bly on a jour­ney with a great deal of learn­ing and grow­ing still to do. Very dif­fer­ent ac­tive and pas­sive hands also show that the ‘you’ you show to oth­ers is very dif­fer­ent to the in­ner you.'

Ac­tive hands and pas­sive hands

A palm read­ing should al­ways look at both hands in re­la­tion to one an­other be­cause they re­veal very dif­fer­ent things.

‘Each of us has an ‘ac­tive’ hand and a ‘pas­sive’ hand,’ ex­plains Johnny. Look­ing at just one or the other only tells half the story. ‘Your ‘ac­tive’ hand is the right hand if you’re right handed and vice-versa if you’re left handed. It’s the

How deep are your palm lines?

Deep, straight lines on the ac­tive palm are strong tor­rents of en­ergy, and in­dica­tive of a per­son who is di­rect, forceful and pas­sion­ate.

Curved, faint lines or lines that are made up of lit­tle bub­bles (known as ‘is­lands’) are found

on com­plex per­son­al­i­ties who are likely to be timid, but still self-aware.

If the palm is criss-crossed with hun­dreds of lines, this shows a per­son with an abun­dance of ner­vous en­ergy, who has a ten­dency to feel over­whelmed and anx­ious.

Where there are only four deep lines on the palm, and no other lines vis­i­ble, the per­son­al­ity is a ‘what you see is what you get’ type. They are straight-talk­ing and of­ten find it ex­tremely dif­fi­cult to deal with peo­ple who are highly strung and com­pli­cated.

Read­ing finger length

You might be sur­prised to know that one of the big­gest re­veal­ers of your per­son­al­ity is ac­tu­ally the length of your fin­gers.

The in­dex finger, or ‘mir­ror’ finger, is the most im­por­tant as it re­lates to self-re­flec­tion and your ego, while your ring or ‘pea­cock’ finger shows your need for at­ten­tion. Find out what these two dig­its say about you by plac­ing a straight edge along the tip of both fin­gers (push­ing the mid­dle one back out of the way) and get­ting your ruler out to take and com­pare how they measure up against each other.

If the mir­ror finger is the same length as the pea­cock finger or if it's up to 4mm shorter, then this in­di­cates a very bal­anced per­son. If it’s more than 4mm shorter, it shows a lack of self-es­teem and some­one who needs to make an ef­fort to take them­selves more se­ri­ously.

A mir­ror finger that's longer than the pea­cock finger re­veals some­one who is in­de­pen­dent, highly am­bi­tious, very aware of their own worth and mo­ti­vated by spir­i­tu­al­ity.

A pea­cock finger that's more than 4mm longer than the mir­ror finger is a sure sign of some­one who has a deep, in­built need for recog­ni­tion and to ap­pear im­pres­sive to oth­ers.

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