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NEXT WE head into the gar­den so Tracy can check for geo­pathic stress (GS). GS is ‘neg­a­tive earth en­er­gies’ or a ‘dis­tor­tion of the nat­u­ral mag­netic field’, she ex­plains.

‘GS can be caused by un­der­ground streams, deep dig­ging or min­ing. Get­ting rid of GS has a big im­pact on sleep qual­ity and vi­tal­ity lev­els, which in turn pos­i­tively im­pacts ev­ery other area of your life.’

She sets to work, walk­ing along the side of my house us­ing copper dows­ing rods to lo­cate any GS. Alarm­ingly, the rods swing in a wild arc and cross ev­ery few steps, in­di­cat­ing its pres­ence.

The results are the same at the front of my prop­erty. Dis­cov­er­ing a web of GS lines is com­mon, she says. I’m hor­ri­fied and ask if she can re­move them.

‘Yes, us­ing earth acupuncture with an acupuncture pin made of beech wood. I’ll also bring in salt and the el­e­ments of fire and earth.’ She dowses again to find the best spot to place the pin and plumps for the edge of the lawn. She pushes the pin deep into the soil and lights a can­dle.

Tracy then dowses to se­lect crys­tals, pick­ing an amethyst for men­tal clar­ity and rose quartz for love and heal­ing.

‘The pin will draw out the GS whilst the crys­tals and salt will bal­ance and pu­rify the earth,’ she ex­plains. ‘I've dowsed and it will take 1 hour 4 min­utes.’

We head in­side for a well-earned cup of tea and a chat about feng shui top tips.

tracy dowses to lo­cate geo­pathic stress

these ob­jects will clear the neg­a­tive en­ergy

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