Spirit and Destiny - - Oracle -

The Ma­gi­cian is your guide on the jour­ney to en­light­en­ment, he re­veals the sym­bols of the suits of the tarot from which any­thing can be cre­ated: wands, swords, cups and coins. He is here to tell you that to suc­ceed all new cre­ations re­quire more than just skill but also the faith in the un­know­able, namely mag­i­cal

en­ergy. He urges you to speak aloud what it is you want, set it free from the world of mere hopes and dreams and to will it into ex­is­tence. Forge a con­nec­tion be­tween the earthly and the di­vine through dis­ci­pline and sur­ren­der, be­com­ing your own al­chemist. You have the power to birth your ideas. Let the magic flow into your life and make

the im­pos­si­ble pos­si­ble.

Soul sign­post

Don’t let your ideas lan­guish in the re­cesses of your mind. Sum­mon the willpower and take suit­able ac­tion to set the wheels in mo­tion.

Most of all, believe!

‘You have the power to birth your


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