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Us­ing what I re­fer to as ‘props’, such as tarot or an­gel cards or a crys­tal ball, dur­ing your read­ings when you are a be­gin­ner is fine.

It’s a bit like when you first learn to ride a bike. We start out with sta­bi­liz­ers and then, in time, we can ride freely with­out any help. It's the same with read­ings, some­times we feel we need a safety net. Tools, such as tarot cards, can give you con­fi­dence when you start giv­ing read­ings. In fact, I still use props to this day.

Ever since I was a lit­tle girl I could look at a pho­to­graph and pick up mes­sages from it. In my shows, I look at the pic­tures of the au­di­ences’ loved ones who have passed over and give read­ing from the images.

I also love to work with tea leaves. Peo­ple will send me pic­tures of the tea leaves at the bot­tom of their mugs and I give them a read­ing.

And, if you try us­ing a prop and it doesn’t feel right, then it’s not the right tool for you, so move on to the next or use none at all. It’s all about ex­per­i­ment­ing and trust­ing your­self.

tools or props can help you build


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