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Fol­low Torsten Alexan­der Lange’s tips to chan­nel their an­cient heal­ing power…

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These three sym­bols are not just ran­dom squig­gles, they are ac­tu­ally used by Reiki prac­ti­tion­ers to deepen their con­nec­tion with the vi­bra­tions of the uni­verse, which, when you open up to them, can bring heal­ing into all as­pects of your life.

‘The sym­bols can nor­mally only be used by peo­ple who have been at­tuned to Reiki,’ ex­plains Reiki Mas­ter and teacher Torsten. ‘But they can also work for peo­ple who have not trained in Reiki be­fore.

‘Just place your hands in the prayer po­si­tion in front of your heart chakra (chest) and set your in­ten­tion to con­nect to the en­ergy of the uni­verse.’ You can then trace the sym­bol with your finger, re­peat the mantra con­nected to it and feel the uni­verse’s vi­bra­tions.

You can also fo­cus on one of the sym­bols while plac­ing the palm of your hand on an area of your body that needs heal­ing. For ex­am­ple, the throat chakra re­lates to com­mu­ni­ca­tion and voic­ing your feel­ings, the heart chakra to feel­ing love, the so­lar plexus chakra deals with your emo­tions and the naval chakra brings en­ergy into your body.

Choose a sym­bol and fo­cus on it to raise your vi­bra­tions and open your­self to the heal­ing power of the uni­verse.


For help with phys­i­cal heal­ing, from a bruise to a bro­ken bone, or fix­ing inan­i­mate ob­jects. Fo­cus on the sym­bol and place your hands on the area or ob­ject.

Torsten ex­plains that you can also chan­nel the power of this sym­bol to change the taste of tap wa­ter, by rais­ing its vi­bra­tions. ‘Place your hands around a glass of tap wa­ter for a mo­ment or two, fo­cus­ing on the sym­bol and it will taste dif­fer­ently,’ he adds. ‘My stu­dents say it tastes like spring wa­ter af­ter­wards.’

Mantra: Cho Ku Rei

(pro­nounced chow koo ray)


Deal­ing with mat­ters of the mind and spirit, it helps with emo­tional and psy­cho­log­i­cal im­bal­ances, even ad­dic­tive pat­terns, bring­ing about calm and pos­i­tive change. Chan­nel its pow­ers to bring you guid­ance from the uni­verse.

Mantra: Sei Heki

(pro­nounced say heh-kee)


‘This rep­re­sents one­ness or in­ter­con­nect­ed­ness,’ says Torsten. ‘It helps us feel more deeply con­nected to peo­ple and send dis­tant heal­ing.’

Mantra: Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

(pro­nounced hon sha tsay show nen)

Torsten is founder and di­rec­tor of the Reiki Acad­emy Lon­don reiki­a­cade­my­lon­don.com. Au­thor of Reiki – Heal Your Body And Your Life With The Power Of Uni­ver­sal En­ergy (£8.99, Hay House) and launched the first full video-based Reiki prac­ti­tioner course ear­lier this year.

‘Fo­cus and open up to the heal­ing power of the


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