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AS YOU HUD­DLE round the warm­ing glow of a bon­fire this month, look into the roar­ing flames and ask your­self – would you ever be brave enough to walk over its hot embers?

You might if you knew about the heal­ing power of fire walk­ing!

The old­est recorded fire walk dates back 4,000 years to In­dia, while North Amer­i­can In­di­ans and the bush­men of Africa have also used this an­cient prac­tice for cen­turies, of­ten dur­ing re­li­gious cer­e­monies and rites of pas­sage.


Fire walks are held through­out the year at Len­drick Lodge Holis­tic Re­treat and Spir­i­tual Cen­tre in Stir­ling­shire and one of their lead­ing teach­ers is Vic­to­ria Mul­hearn, who did her first fire walk 18 years ago.

Vic­to­ria has her own the­ory on why walk­ing over hot coals, that reach tem­per­a­tures of 1200F, can be so trans­for­ma­tive.

‘En­ergy, or Qi, flows through our merid­i­ans and chakra sys­tem just like blood flow­ing through our veins,’ she says. ‘En­ergy can be­come stag­nated through fear, ill­ness, anxiety and stress and, as we fire walk, we bring up this heal­ing en­ergy from the fire through our feet and through our re­flex­ol­ogy points. This en­ergy then moves up through our merid­i­ans, nour­ish­ing our body and help­ing dis­solve stag­nant Qi.’


Vic­to­ria re­as­sures any­one who might feel scared about fire walk­ing, to give it a try. ‘Of course, it’s real fire and there’s a risk, yet when we are held in this sa­cred en­ergy of tra­di­tion and cer­e­mony we can find the courage.’

But if you’re not ready to take the plunge, there are other ways to chan­nel the heal­ing en­ergy of fire.

Plants as­so­ciated with fire in­clude net­tles, rose­mary and gin­ger, all of which can be made into herbal teas.

Carry a piece of red thread with you and, when you are feel­ing stressed or anx­ious, tie it around your wrist to bring calm and fo­cus.

Af­ter a long, hard day, burn a stick of am­ber, cin­na­mon or frangi­pani in­cense, all scents as­so­ciated with fire, to help cleanse and heal your tired mind, body and spirit.

To find out more about fire walk­ing events at Len­drick Lodge visit lendrick­

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