Beat win­ter blues with a cold shower

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months creep up, a nice hot shower sounds like the per­fect way to start the day and lift your spir­its.

Sci­en­tists, how­ever, say we should be reach­ing for the cold tap and en­joy­ing an icy blast to in­crease en­ergy lev­els, boost immunity, and beat the blues.

Con­trast wa­ter ther­apy in­volves al­ter­nat­ing be­tween hot and cold wa­ter while you shower – try three min­utes of hot, then one minute of cold, re­peated three to five times.

An­cient samu­rai war­riors used to pour buck­ets of cold wa­ter over them­selves each morn­ing in a prac­tice called Misogi to cleanse their souls and en­er­gise them­selves. And, al­though it might be the last thing you fancy on a cold, dark win­ter’s morn­ing, the health ben­e­fits may swing it for you.

Re­searchers have found the tech­nique causes the body to re­lease a brain-stim­u­lat­ing chem­i­cal which ban­ishes de­pres­sion. The shock of the cold wa­ter also forces you to breathe faster and deeper, al­low­ing more oxy­gen into your body, giv­ing you an en­ergy boost.

Just make sure your towel’s been warm­ing on the ra­di­a­tor be­fore you get out!

Try it now!

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