Fol­low the nat­u­ral rhythm of chi as it works its way around your body…

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If your di­ges­tive sys­tem is func­tion­ing well, you'll feel happy. This is the best time to go to the loo! By ‘let­ting go’ phys­i­cally you’re also free­ing your­self from stag­nant emo­tions. ‘An early morn­ing cleanse will clear your mind. Cou­ple this with mind­ful med­i­ta­tion to re­lease neg­a­tive think­ing that could be block­ing your en­ergy and cre­ate space for fresh chi to en­ter,’ says David.


Fill­ing up with a healthy break­fast at this time, such as por­ridge with fruit, can help max­imise stom­ach chi. ‘Nur­ture your­self with a well­bal­anced break­fast and al­low the stom­ach to work its magic while its en­ergy is strong­est,’ says David. Also, try to be fully present when you eat. Con­nect with your food and its link to the earth to help you ap­pre­ci­ate its heal­ing power, nour­ish­ing mind and body.


Chi flows through your spleen, al­low­ing you to achieve men­tal clar­ity and con­cen­tra­tion. ‘This is a won­der­ful time to an­swer emails, do your fi­nan­cial bud­get­ing, tackle a chal­leng­ing project and get on with life ad­min,’ ex­plains David.


The heart is linked to hap­pi­ness and en­ergy, so har­ness­ing the chi as it flows through this or­gan can al­low you to have a brighter out­look on life. ‘Have some lunchtime fun with friends, or do some­thing joy­ful and ful­fill­ing that con­nects to your pas­sion and pur­pose,’ sug­gest David.


‘This or­gan is all about fil­ter­ing so it’s time to make any im­por­tant de­ci­sions you've been putting off,’ ad­vises

David. Try to strengthen your aura and you might find it eas­ier to start tack­ling life’s dif­fi­cul­ties. Imag­ine a golden layer of en­ergy sur­round­ing your body that only lets pos­i­tive things come to, and ra­di­ate from, you.


The blad­der is as­so­ciated with lim­it­ing be­liefs, so work­ing on re­leas­ing neg­a­tive thoughts that are hold­ing you back can help re­lease any chi block­ages. ‘Vi­su­alise a heal­ing flow of wa­ter wash­ing un­wanted thoughts away,’ says David.


The kid­ney is about in­ner-wis­dom, strength and ground­ing. As we reach the evening it’s time to pause, recharge and re­con­nect with who you re­ally are. David sug­gests in­cor­po­rat­ing more ex­po­sure to na­ture into your life dur­ing this time. ‘If you can, get out­side and stand qui­etly, re­lax in your gar­den or take a walk in the park af­ter work to help feel earthed and grounded.’


This or­gan, which pro­tects the heart as it pumps blood, sup­ports your love for your­self and oth­ers, yet block­ages can re­sult in an in­abil­ity to care. 'This is the per­fect time to tell those close to you that you love them, get in­ti­mate with your part­ner, or nur­ture and pam­per your­self to im­prove the flow of chi,’ says David.


The triple burner (also known as San Jiao), is a term used in TCM which refers to the dis­tri­bu­tion of chi and wa­ter through the body. ‘It's all about es­tab­lish­ing a con­nec­tion with oth­ers and the

wider uni­verse. Meet with friends or spend time at home con­nect­ing with the sounds of the night around you,’ ad­vises David. Use the power of es­sen­tial oils to boost peace and hap­pi­ness - try sweet orange oil to in­duce pos­i­tiv­ity.


Time to switch off and al­low the body to re­pair. ‘The gall blad­der is as­so­ciated with re­sent­ment, so to coun­ter­bal­ance this, write a grat­i­tude list be­fore you go to bed to fo­cus on pos­i­tiv­ity,’ rec­om­mends David. Tak­ing the home­o­pathic Aus­tralian bush flower essence dag­ger hakea (£11.49, bald­ can strengthen your body’s abil­ity to deal with un­re­solved bit­ter­ness, whilst restor­ing bal­ance to your body and soul.


The liver is as­so­ciated with men­tal strate­gis­ing, anger and frus­tra­tion. ‘So if you wake in the night, your mind in tur­moil, know this is not the right time for deal­ing with your thoughts. Calm your brain with a mind­ful breath­ing ex­er­cise,’ ad­vises David, ‘and tell your­self you'll deal with any is­sues in the morn­ing.’ Also, re­peat­ing af­fir­ma­tions such as ‘I am re­laxed and stress-free,’ can help re­lease pent-up ten­sion from your mind.


Lung en­ergy is as­so­ciated with sad­ness and grief, there­fore when lung chi is weak, you’re at far greater risk of suf­fer­ing from low mood. Wak­ing ear­lier is one of the ways to har­monise your chi cy­cle, so many believe you should start your day at 5am! If you do find your­self up at this time, try a morn­ing re­lax­ation ses­sion to strengthen the lungs. ‘A good way to do this is with some lung ex­pand­ing deep breath­ing ex­er­cises, or yoga,’ rec­om­mends David.

‘Wak­ing up early is one of the ways to har­monise your

chi cy­cle’

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