What hap­pens when some­one dies?


Spirit and Destiny - - Your Journey -

DEATH IS of­ten called ‘pass­ing over’ and many peo­ple who have been re­sus­ci­tated af­ter dy­ing, report pass­ing through a tun­nel, over a bridge or other kind of thresh­old. There is a light which guides them to an ex­tra­or­di­nary space where they are met by their loved ones. Pets can also be in this place of great beauty and peace.

Some­times, in­struc­tions are given for the per­son to re­turn to this phys­i­cal life be­cause their work is not yet done. For those who do not re­turn, there is a time of heal­ing af­ter their tran­si­tion to the Af­ter­life and then they are cho­sen for spe­cific kinds of work in the heav­enly realms. Some are cho­sen to pray for our planet, its peo­ple and animal life. oth­ers are cho­sen to learn to be spirit guides who watch over us and do good works.

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