Can I have a past life re­gres­sion over Skype or via Face­time, would it work?


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A SKILLED ther­a­pist can help you get in­side your sub­con­scious mind, whether it is in per­sonal one-to-one in­ter­ac­tion, group work, over the phone or via the in­ter­net.

I have oc­ca­sion­ally used Skype and Face­time with clients and it can work well as long as there is a re­li­able broad­band con­nec­tion. If the client is wear­ing head­phones and has cre­ated a quiet place to re­lax, with­out be­ing dis­turbed, they can re­ally feel like the ther­a­pist is in the room with them. As with all ther­apy, creat­ing your own per­sonal ‘space’ is the most im­por­tant fea­ture, no mat­ter what we’re do­ing. A re­clin­ing chair, comfy sofa, or your bed is a good idea. Learn­ing to re­lax within your­self is one of the most valu­able ther­a­peu­tic states you can ex­pe­ri­ence.

Past Life Re­gres­sion helps you gain a clearer un­der­stand­ing of who you are by ac­cess­ing your in­ner self. If your in­ner, sub­con­scious self feels ready to ex­plore be­yond the usual lim­its of time and space, it will al­low you to re­lax and align with mes­sages from past lives that heal, com­fort and de­velop your soul. I did a very ef­fec­tive past life re­gres­sion in the BBC bar at Ra­dio So­lent. This clearly il­lus­trates that if the soul is ready, PLR works any­where in any cir­cum­stances.

(You can lis­ten to Su­san’s re­gres­sion ses­sion at:­grammes/p05c­cd2z)

Get comfy and re­lax to ac­cess your in­ner self

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