I'm an em­path, how can I pro­tect my­self from other peo­ple’s thoughts and feel­ings?


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IT IS SO com­mon to pick up on ev­ery­thing peo­ple are feel­ing, when you first open up psy­chi­cally. my own solution is to wear a labradorite crys­tal to cre­ate a bound­ary be­tween you and the out­side world. This al­lows you to be aware of what’s go­ing on but with­out ab­sorb­ing it all. other op­tions are mo­hawkite and shun­gite. Wear any of these over the higher heart chakra, in the mid­dle of chest and for ex­tra pro­tec­tion add a drop of Pe­tal­tone essence’s Power Shield.

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