Happy Bi hday TO SCOR­PIO

24 Oc­to­ber – 22 Novem­ber

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This is your first birth­day pe­riod with Jupiter in your sign for some years. Much has been made of his arrival, but to be clear, Scor­pio, ev­ery planet that passes by, ev­ery one that op­poses, con­fronts or as­sists Jupiter will be felt within your per­sonal world.

Venus is on that list, not only in your own sign from the 7th, but on the 13th she’ll also be hold­ing hands with Jupiter – a union of the bringer of love and the gift giver.

Whether you’re in a re­la­tion­ship or seek­ing one, this comes af­ter the re­la­tion­ship full moon on the 4th. It seems you’re on a jour­ney that says farewell to an old habit or per­son to make way for some­thing or some­one new. A per­son who’s left your life may re­turn, or maybe a sec­ond chance will come call­ing.

The 16th is a day of big ro­man­tic ges­tures – be it some­one hop­ing to gain your at­ten­tion or a part­ner know­ing when you need nur­tur­ing vibes the most. Let love in.


The sun leaves your sign on the 22nd and as your pro­fes­sional go-to heav­enly body; it’s a good idea to seek his help in il­lu­mi­nat­ing the path ahead un­til then.

He’s mak­ing a great con­tact with a help­ful sort around the 3rd; so if you find your­self in a lift with the MD, make your pitch. It’s a chance for you to talk your­self up. Don’t worry about blow­ing your own trum­pet, get it done. Toot-toot!

Around the 11th you could be talk­ing about money, what you get and how much more you should have, maybe as a bonus. You have to de­liver on your prom­ises, so keep them within re­al­is­tic dead­lines.

From the 25th con­tracts are signed and you get pretty much what you’ve asked for. One cau­tion­ary word: the way ahead pro­fes­sion­ally may feel linked to your past. Old roads aren’t re­ally best for you right now, they may feel com­fort­able but they’ll keep you small. Face for­ward.

Fam­ily & friends

You don’t mind lis­ten­ing, help­ing fam­ily or friends un­der­stand what’s go­ing on in their lives while putting your own stuff on hold, but you're some­times left won­der­ing when you’ll get to do the same.

The chance is there, they’re just as open to help­ing you, the difference is, they ask. They know you’ve been through some tough times and they ad­mire you for the way you’ve han­dled things. But re­ally, they’re ad­mir­ing how you ap­pear to have han­dled things.

Maybe this month is one where you can drop the façade, where your fam­ily and friends get to see and hear how you re­ally feel. A pity party's not your style, but it’ll give them the chance to do what they’ve been des­per­ate to do – sup­port you as you sup­port them.

Around the 4th let an old hurt out, let off steam, learn the valu­able les­son and then vow never to go back. You, dear Scor­pio, are dragon born, some­times you go through those painful fires but you al­ways come out stronger than ever.

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