23 July – 23 Au­gust

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Later this month, from 24-30 Novem­ber, your love life goes through some pretty big shifts. If you’re sin­gle this could be when you re­alise just how amaz­ing some­one is or was, how lucky you’ve been or how much you love be­ing sin­gle.

You feel a deep con­nec­tion, Leo, that you may not have felt in a very long time – the total and com­plete un­der­stand­ing of some­one you re­ally should love in this way too: your­self.

From now on, you shouldn’t set­tle for any­thing less than who, or what, makes you de­li­ciously happy and makes your heart beat with the sound of true love.


The full moon on the 4th is in your ca­reer sky and it works well for you in a way that lays out what must change – no ifs, no buts.

See the small stuff that will make a difference where you are now or the grand stuff that could take you to new places. The odds are still bet­ter within your ex­ist­ing com­pany, though.

You may con­sider work­ing from home, adding to hours you al­ready have or mak­ing it a home/of­fice thing. Weigh up all the rea­sons why that could be a good idea and all the rea­sons it isn’t; then de­cide.

Fam­ily & friends

It’s a won­der you have time for love or work with so much go­ing on at home. Is it bricks and mor­tar or feel­ing un­set­tled with the dy­nam­ics be­tween you and those you share a house with?

Gain clar­ity from con­ver­sa­tions, to come up with a plan as early as the 3rd and busy or not, aim for so­lu­tions, not more prob­lems.

Novem­ber isn’t a tra­di­tional time to move house, but it seems this is when things line up.

A mate may hold a se­cret that sur­prises you, they tell you be­cause you will un­der­stand.

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