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Liv­ing at a hec­tic pace was tak­ing its toll on Carly Read, but work­ing with the power of en­ergy has given her time to re­flect

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Carly Read learns how to har­ness the power of en­ergy to help her slow down and boost her vi­bra­tion

Iam not a re­laxed woman. I type with chewed nails and speak at 110 miles an hour. I gulp too much cof­fee to jump­start me in the morn­ings, and spend week­ends – a time for re­lax­ation – run­ning ridicu­lous dis­tances to ex­pe­ri­ence yet an­other high.

Mere months into our re­la­tion­ship, my (ex­tremely) un­der­stand­ing boyfriend, Luke, nick­named me ‘bee’ as he says he’s never seen any­body end­lessly buzz around like I do.

To an un­e­d­u­cated out­sider, I’m just full of beans. But the truth is I’m har­bour­ing a se­cret anx­i­ety that has ren­dered me un­able to do what oth­ers find easy – to just stop and be.

I need more bal­ance in my life, and less fre­netic be­hav­iour. So, when an in­vi­ta­tion to at­tend The En­ergy Within mindfulness work­shop at the Hil­ton Ho­tel, Bournemouth, popped into my in­box, I felt I should ac­cept it.

The event promised to give at­ten­dees an un­der­stand­ing of en­ergy, the tools to op­ti­mise it, and the skills to step out of their busy lives and find peace, calm and seren­ity.

Con­fronting the past

There were more than 20 of us at the work­shop and, to kick things off, the work­shop’s hosts, en­ergy prac­ti­tioner Bar­bara Whiteside and Dr (of psy­chol­ogy) Su­san Phoenix, gath­ered us into a semi-cir­cle to talk about what had brought us all there that day.

‘Stress’, ‘bad work-life bal­ance’ and ‘anx­i­ety’ came up time and time again and it was a re­lief to know it wasn’t just me who felt like this.

The next step was to scratch deeper be­neath the sur­face, and ex­am­ine why we felt this way.

When I re­ally thought about what makes me live life at 100 miles an hour, I came to the con­clu­sion that the root cause is my dad’s death. He had a sud­den, un­ex­pected heart at­tack at 44.

Pet­ri­fied my life could end at any mo­ment like his had, I filled my days to the brim and went into over­drive. Only now, aged 31, it has left me fraz­zled and dis­con­tented with life. Con­fronting this was one of those rare eureka mo­ments.

Su­san then talked a bit about the sci­ence be­hind en­ergy, ex­plain­ing that, ‘We are in con­trol of our own en­ergy field, as we are in con­trol of what we are putting out from our heart and brain. Mod­ern sci­ence shows that the heart en­ergy (mea­sured by ECG) is far more pow­er­ful than the brain en­ergy (mea­sured by EEG). This means the en­ergy of the heart has the greater im­pact on us and oth­ers,’ she told us.

Hear­ing this made me want to know more. I was ready to learn how to han­dle my en­ergy.

Carly with the talk­ing stick that is passed around

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