Feel sen­sa­tional this sea­son

Use sum­mer’s vi­brant im­pact on your senses to in­spire calm, con­fi­dence and strength in all ar­eas of your life

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Get ready for your best sum­mer yet – use this sea­son's vi­brant im­pact on your senses to in­spire calm, con­fi­dence and strength

We of­ten take them for granted, but our senses al­low us to ex­pe­ri­ence, un­der­stand and nav­i­gate the world, as well as feed our soul and en­hance our well­be­ing.

Our eyes help us see the beauty that sur­rounds us, our ears al­low us to lis­ten. Our nose lets us breathe in the scent of old mem­o­ries and cre­ate new ones, our taste buds be­come aroused by dif­fer­ent flavours, while our sense of touch al­lows us to feel emo­tions.

‘Our senses are in­ter­con­nected and each one helps us to process our life ex­pe­ri­ences in a dif­fer­ent way. Feed­ing the soul comes in many forms and, if one of our senses isn’t work­ing fully, it can be a chal­lenge to be our au­then­tic selves,’ ex­plains Sara Doone, founder of the In­tu­itive Path­way (thein­tu­itivepathfinder.co.uk).

The warmer days and lighter evenings pro­vide us with the per­fect op­por­tu­nity to get the most from our sen­sory sys­tem.

‘Our senses be­come height­ened and we spend more time out­side dur­ing th­ese months. We ac­tively con­nect with na­ture, ground­ing our­selves into the earth and dis­con­nect­ing from phones, lap­tops and so­cial me­dia a lit­tle more,’ says Sara. ‘When we do this, we be­come more aware of the in­for­ma­tion our senses give us.’

From lis­ten­ing to a breeze waft­ing through the trees to savour­ing the taste of a ripe straw­berry, sum­mer is packed with mo­ments that stim­u­late our sen­sory sys­tem and lift our mood.

‘Th­ese mo­ments feel ex­tra spe­cial be­cause our senses are hav­ing the time to process life freely,’ adds Sara. Here we re­veal how to use your senses this sea­son so you can nour­ish your in­ner self, rais­ing pos­i­tive en­ergy.

Lis­ten for guid­ance

Noise con­stantly sur­rounds us. Lis­ten care­fully, how­ever, and you will con­nect with the an­gels and hear the mes­sages they com­mu­ni­cate.

If you are feel­ing stressed, up­set and worn out, it may be that some sup­port­ive words from the an­gels could help lift your mood.

‘One of the best ways we can con­nect with the an­gels is by us­ing crys­tals,’ says Sara, who rec­om­mends ce­lestite and selenite to tune into the an­gelic realm.

‘Find a com­fort­able space and hold your cleansed crys­tals in your hand. You’ll also need two ‘ground­ing’ crys­tals to help you re­mem­ber the in­for­ma­tion you are be­ing given. Use hematite when work­ing with ce­lestite, and gar­nets or sil­ver with selenite. Place them at your feet, keep the in­ten­tion in your mind that you wish to con­nect with the an­gelic realm, and re­ceive their guid­ance. Vi­su­alise the en­ergy of the crys­tal sur­round­ing you and re­peat the in­ten­tion in your head or out loud.’

An­gels com­mu­ni­cate both the spo­ken word and in­tu­itively, so lis­ten in­tently to de­ci­pher what they say.

‘It’s a good idea to have a note­book to hand, so you can jot down any mes­sages,’ adds Sara.

Heal with flow­ers

From morn­ing dew to flow­ers in full bloom, sum­mer is burst­ing with fresh scents that make you feel good. Stud­ies show that aro­mas help re­duce de­pres­sion while fur­ther re­search demon­strates a link be­tween us­ing flower essences to lower stress and anx­i­ety lev­els.

‘Ev­ery sin­gle flower essence has the abil­ity to en­hance our lives in some way,’ be­lieves Sara.

Tra­di­tion­ally, flower essences are taken di­rectly un­der the tongue or added to a glass of wa­ter, how­ever di­luted essences can also be splashed onto the body or sprayed in a room.

‘You can also spray flower essences di­rectly into your au­ric field via an atomizer,’ says Sara. ‘This has the ben­e­fit of pass­ing di­rectly through your emo­tional body, which is where the prob­lems you’re ex­pe­ri­enc­ing can re­side.’

En­er­gise your­self

Our sense of touch is linked to well­be­ing be­cause when your skin is pos­i­tively stim­u­lated by con­tact with an­other hu­man be­ing it pro­duces heal­ing chem­i­cals.

USE CRYS­TALS TO LIS­TEN Ce­lestite and selenite will help you to con­nect with the an­gelic realm for guid­ance

It’s thought that pos­i­tive hu­man touch af­fects the brain’s re­sponse to threat­en­ing sit­u­a­tions. One study found that when mar­ried women, who per­ceived threat, held their hus­band hands, they ex­pe­ri­enced stress re­lief.

Heal­ing ther­a­pies such as re­flex­ol­ogy and reiki use the power of touch to re­lease neg­a­tive en­ergy blocks, and you too can use touch to con­nect with your en­ergy field – re­mov­ing any lin­ger­ing bad vibes and am­pli­fy­ing the pos­i­tive en­ergy that sur­rounds you.

Try this ex­er­cise, which taps into the en­ergy cen­tres within the palms of our hands, to su­per­charge your en­ergy.

‘Bring your hands out in front of you, par­al­lel to each other, about four inches apart,’ says Sara. ‘Then slowly start to bring your palms to­gether, while pay­ing at­ten­tion to what you are ex­pe­ri­enc­ing and the sen­sa­tions you are feel­ing. Be­gin to move your hands slowly out­wards to about six inches apart, and re­peat.’

You might have dif­fi­culty bring­ing your hands to­gether or feel a lit­tle elec­tric shock.

‘You may even feel an orb form­ing be­tween the palms of your hands – this is your own en­ergy that you are ex­pe­ri­enc­ing,’ adds Sara.

Now take that ball of en­ergy, lift it to your face and breath it in, feel­ing it’s warmth travel to your chest and ra­di­ate out­wards.

Love with sight

Whether you en­joy gaz­ing at a clear star­lit sky or feast­ing your eyes on a field full of colour­ful flow­ers, ev­ery­where you look, sum­mer is brim­ming with beauty to boost your mood.

Colour can af­fect your well­be­ing, from low­er­ing blood pres­sure and stress lev­els to giv­ing you courage, fo­cus and help­ing you let go of the past. This is be­cause ev­ery colour has a unique light wave­length that we can tune into to re­bal­ance dif­fer­ent ar­eas of our lives.

‘There are sim­ple ways to bring the power of colour heal­ing into our world,’ says Sara. ‘Pick up some dif­fer­ent coloured wall­pa­per sam­ples or choose items of cloth­ing from your wardrobe. Take a mo­ment to look at each colour that you feel drawn to and think about how it makes you feel. What sort of emo­tions come to mind? Once you’ve de­cided which colours you’d like to work with, try in­te­grat­ing them more into your life.’

Even small splashes of colour can make a dif­fer­ence to your emo­tions – yel­lows are up­lift­ing, blue is calm­ing, while red hues are em­pow­er­ing, green re­duces anx­i­ety and or­ange is stim­u­lat­ing.

Mind­ful eat­ing

‘If we choose to eat with the sea­sons, things def­i­nitely taste bet­ter – the sun-warmed straw­berry in June will be in­fin­itely sweeter than the one that’s come half way round the world at Christ­mas,’ says Sara.

Food is also cen­tral to the In­dian phi­los­o­phy of Ayurveda, where it’s di­vided into six dif­fer­ent tastes – sweet, sour, salty, bit­ter, pun­gent and as­trin­gent. Fol­low­ers of Ayurveda be­lieve that taste is im­por­tant to both our phys­i­cal and emo­tional be­ing and each of th­ese six tastes im­pacts health by way of the en­er­getic prop­er­ties each food trans­mits.

A main prin­ci­ple of the tra­di­tion is that when we sit down to meals we should ac­knowl­edge, ap­pre­ci­ate and taste dif­fer­ent flavours with gusto to maximise the pos­i­tive ef­fects of food on our body.

Use meal­times to prac­tice mindfulness and give thanks to the earth for nur­tur­ing the land that’s cre­ated your food.

FEEL THE BREEZE TO CLEANSE Take a walk and imag­ine the wind help­ing to blow stag­nant en­ergy away BOOST EN­ERGY WITH FLOW­ERS Try the Life Force Flower Essence Spray by Find­horn

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