'Reiki turned our lives around'

Two read­ers share how dis­cov­er­ing en­ergy heal­ing dra­mat­i­cally trans­formed the course of their life path

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Two women re­veal how the power of reiki made a huge dif­fer­ence in their lives, transforming the course of their life paths

‘Reiki made me a mum’ HEATHER THOMP­SON, 50 had spent a decade try­ing for a baby of her own

It was the sec­ond time in a month that I’d found my­self star­ing up at this ceil­ing. Funny that, I thought to my­self. You see, un­til re­cently I would never have con­sid­ered hav­ing any al­ter­na­tive ther­a­pies, let alone an­gelic reiki, yet here I was… again!

But I was will­ing to try any­thing if it might lead to my dream of be­com­ing a mum.

A few months ear­lier my hus­band and

I had re­ceived heart­break­ing news. My doc­tor had told us that the chances of me be­com­ing preg­nant were very un­likely. I was ap­proach­ing 40 and, after two failed rounds of IVF, my hopes of moth­er­hood were be­ing crushed.

My hus­band and I had al­ready gone through years of won­der­ing if we’d ever get to be par­ents and how we’d cope if we couldn’t have kids so, in­stead of tears, we de­cided to ‘be brave’ and make the most of our lives to­gether rather than dwell on what could have been.

Now or never

Months later, I was at a loose end, so gave my friend Gina a call.

‘Fancy do­ing some­thing?’ I asked.

‘Sure, I have a med­i­ta­tion class, want to come with me?’ of­fered Gina.

‘Why not!’ I replied. Although sus­pi­cious of this ‘new age stuff’, I re­solved to go along with an open mind.

The class be­gan with Sue, the leader of the group, tak­ing us out­side to write a wish on a tag and tie it to a tree in the gar­den.

That glo­ri­ous spring evening, I penned a re­quest to ‘Ei­ther be­come a par­ent or have the wis­dom and abil­ity to ac­cept the al­ter­na­tive with grace and move on.’

I reached up and tied my wish to a branch, hop­ing for the best.

Af­ter­wards, Sue lead us through a beau­ti­ful med­i­ta­tion to con­nect us to the ar­changels. I was amazed to see vivid colours as I closed my eyes and med­i­tated for the first time.

Was my mind play­ing tricks on me?

Then, as the class came to an end, we were asked to choose a card from an or­a­cle deck spread out be­fore us.

‘Lay your hands over the cards and you will feel a tin­gle when a card is call­ing for you to pick it,’ ex­plained Sue.

I did as she said and, feel­ing a pins and nee­dles in my hand, se­lected a card. Its mes­sage was about be­ing at a cross­roads in life and hav­ing a choice to make. Was it telling me that soon I would have to live with ei­ther be­ing a mum or not?

One more chance

Giv­ing Gina a lift home after the class, I stopped off at her place for a cup of cof­fee. She was five months preg­nant at the time, and I was sur­prised to dis­cover she had gone through her own is­sues with fer­til­ity.

‘It’s thanks to Sue that I’m preg­nant,’ she re­vealed. ‘I’d been hav­ing trou­ble con­ceiv­ing. Then a friend told me Sue had helped other women to con­ceive by giv­ing them an­gelic reiki, a form of en­ergy heal­ing, and it worked for me, too.’

‘That’s amaz­ing,’ I said, then I re­mem­bered the cross­roads on the or­a­cle card I’d picked – after a decade of try­ing, was I des­tined to be­come a mum or not, could Sue help me?

‘I’ve never told you this be­fore,’ I said to Gina. ‘But I’ve been hav­ing IVF. Do you think Sue could help me?’

‘Yes! You should book a treat­ment with her,’ she smiled.

‘I was will­ing to try any­thing to be­come a mum’

Two weeks later, I plucked up the courage to book my first reiki ses­sion with Sue.

I de­lib­er­ately kept my­self in the dark about what to ex­pect and de­cided to go with the flow. No pres­sure, I’d put my­self un­der enough of that with the IVF treat­ment.

That first ses­sion, though, was mind-blow­ing. I could feel en­ergy coursing through me as I lay on the treat­ment ta­ble and came away feel­ing like a huge weight had been lifted. I was buzzing.

‘You look dif­fer­ent,’ my hus­band said, when I re­turned home.

‘It was amaz­ing,’ I beamed.

And now here I was, back for a sec­ond ses­sion, still a lit­tle be­mused that I’d turned to some­thing so spir­i­tual in a hope it could help me be­come a mum.

Clos­ing my eyes, I let my mind start to drift and felt my­self be­gin to re­lax. But, as I did, I be­came aware that it wasn’t just Sue in the treat­ment room with me. I could sense an­other pres­ence, too.

Un­able to shake the feel­ing that we were no longer alone, I de­cided to con­front who­ever or what­ever was there.

‘Who are you?’ I asked in my head.

‘I am Gabriel and I am go­ing to give you some­thing,’ a voice replied in my mind.

Be­fore I had a chance to ask any more ques­tions, an in­cred­i­ble pure white heal­ing light en­tered my body.

A spe­cial gift

I had no idea what had just hap­pened, all I knew was that Gabriel was an ar­changel and his heal­ing light had left me feel­ing blessed.

As Sue brought me out of my deeply re­laxed state, she smiled know­ingly.

‘Ar­changel Gabriel came through dur­ing your ses­sion,’ Sue said.

‘Yeah,’ I replied, con­fused and dazed. It felt like I was float­ing on air and way too blissed out to get into a con­ver­sa­tion about what had hap­pened. It was all so strange.

A lit­tle mir­a­cle

Then, eight weeks after my sec­ond an­gelic reiki ses­sion with Sue, I re­alised my pe­riod was late.

With enor­mous trep­i­da­tion, I took a preg­nancy test and was thrilled when the word ‘preg­nant’ ap­peared, telling me that for the first time in my life I was ex­pect­ing.

A chance med­i­ta­tion class had turned this scep­tic into hav­ing an en­counter with Ar­changel Gabriel and now I was sure his heal­ing light had paved the way to me fall­ing preg­nant.

My beau­ti­ful son, Leo, was born on my 41st birth­day and was the 19th baby Sue had had a hand in bring­ing into this world.

In­spired by Sue, I trained as a Reiki Master and, five years after Leo came along, we were blessed with a lit­tle girl, Evie. There was no reiki in­ter­ven­tion this time, but that doesn’t mean the an­gels didn’t have a hand in it. I am in no doubt she was a gift from them as a re­ward for choos­ing to fol­low a spir­i­tual path of my own.

I couldn’t be­lieve it when I be­came preg­nant with Leo

Leo and Evie are my gifts from

the an­gels

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