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Crys­tal healer an­drea webb on how you can use gem­stones to ground and pro­tect your­self

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Crys­tal healer An­drea Webb on how to use gem­stones to ground and pro­tect your­self

Ground­ing and pro­tec­tion. Any­one with an in­ter­est in the spir­i­tual world will be very fa­mil­iar with th­ese terms. But that doesn’t mean to say that ev­ery­one re­ally un­der­stands what they mean.

I’ve had some spir­i­tual peo­ple ask me, ‘Why do I need ground­ing? Aren’t my feet al­ready on the floor?’

The truth is that we all need a lit­tle ground­ing if we’re in­volved in spir­i­tual prac­tices, such as med­i­ta­tion, for ex­am­ple, which can give us a slightly floaty feel­ing.

Ask your­self this, ‘Am I ac­ci­dent prone? Do I get fan­tas­tic ideas, but that’s all they are, ideas that never be­come real? Do I strug­gle to get my point of view across? Do I feel spaced out quite a lot of the time?’

If you an­swer ‘yes’ to even just one of th­ese ques­tions, the chances are that you’re not as grounded as you could be.

When we’re grounded, we are more con­nected, not just with peo­ple, but with ev­ery lit­tle thing we in­ter­act with. We be­come less clumsy, and feel less stressed.

Build­ing your foun­da­tion

Crys­tals are a re­ally great tool to help you be­come grounded.

Vi­bra­tionally, red jasper is the colour of the earth, and so to be in tune with the earth, red jasper re­ally makes sense.

If you hold a piece of this crys­tal, you will feel a down­ward pulling sen­sa­tion. This is the gem do­ing its work.

An­other great crys­tal for ground­ing is hematite, and what’s re­ally fas­ci­nat­ing about this stone is that gen­er­ally it’s a dark sil­very grey colour. How­ever, that’s just its outer shell. If you were to cut into it, you would find that it is red in­side. It’s truly one of na­ture’s trea­sures.

An­other of my ab­so­lute favourites for ground­ing is gar­net. My mum gave me a gar­net ring when I was a lit­tle girl and I still wear it to this day.

stay­ing safe

Now on to pro­tec­tion. Again, over the years

I have heard spir­i­tual peo­ple ask, ‘Why do I need pro­tec­tion, what do I need to be pro­tected from?’

Th­ese are both good ques­tions. But let’s think about this in an­other way. If you had the choice of hav­ing a weak en­ergy field or a strong en­ergy field, which one are you go­ing to choose?

Symp­toms of a weak en­ergy field can in­clude be­ing de­fen­sive, be­ing eas­ily in­flu­enced or ma­nip­u­lated by oth­ers, im­i­tat­ing the be­hav­iour of oth­ers and not be­ing your­self, re­cur­ring night­mares, and even gain­ing weight.

When we are pro­tected, though, we have strong bound­aries and the abil­ity to say no when it is nec­es­sary. Our thoughts and emo­tions are less likely to be neg­a­tive, and we are less stressed. So, what crys­tals are help­ful here?

Amethyst is a won­der­ful pro­tec­tive crys­tal and eas­ily ob­tain­able. Keep­ing a small piece un­der your pil­low can en­cour­age deep, restora­tive sleep and help you re­mem­ber your dreams.

Turquoise is an­other tra­di­tion­ally pro­tec­tive crys­tal and I have a cou­ple of neck­laces made from this gor­geous stone. The first time

I worked with turquoise in a med­i­ta­tion, I felt like some­one was putting a lovely blan­ket around my shoul­ders.

Dur­ing your own med­i­ta­tions why not try plac­ing a piece of red jasper at your feet and hold­ing a piece of amethyst in your hand to get you started with learn­ing how to ground and pro­tect your­self.

Then, when you feel ready, per­haps try gar­net at your feet and lapis lazuli in your hand, which to­gether will help strengthen your ground­ing and en­ergy field. NEXT MONTH: DIS­COVER THE CON­NEC­TION BE­TWEEN CRYS­TALS AND TAROT

‘When we are grounded, we are more con­nected’

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