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New op­por­tu­ni­ties

This month a so­lar eclipse

on June 13th will cre­ate a pow­er­ful shift in en­ergy. So­lar eclipses hap­pen dur­ing a New Moon, sig­ni­fy­ing the end of a cy­cle and be­gin­ning of a new one. Make the most of this time by

call­ing on the trans­for­ma­tive en­ergy of sun­stone. Sit in the sun­shine with a piece of sun­stone in your hand. Close your eyes and

imag­ine sun­light il­lu­mi­nat­ing your path ahead. Ask the uni­verse

how you can move for­ward. Let your higher self pro­vide you with the

an­swers. Carry the sun­stone for the rest of the month to help you

achieve your goals.

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