Mak­ing the con­nec­tion

Spirit and Destiny - - Lunar Energy Masterclass -

Ezzie uses var­i­ous tools to con­nect with the yin and yang en­ergy of the moon’s phases, th­ese in­clude med­i­ta­tion, jour­nal­ing, moon gaz­ing and cer­e­monies and in­ten­tion set­ting.

‘Be­fore I get out of bed each morn­ing, I med­i­tate on the moon so I start the day in the right way,’ says Ezzie. ‘I also check in with the in­ten­tions I’ve set and how I am work­ing to­wards them. It means that I am aligned with what I want to cre­ate in my life. Jour­nal­ing is also a big part of my prac­tice as it helps me track my feel­ings along­side the dif­fer­ent moon cy­cles.

‘An­other pow­er­ful way for you to con­nect with the lu­nar en­ergy is to go out­side and do some moon gaz­ing. It’s a nightly re­minder to drop ev­ery­thing and re­con­nect with the uni­verse and be in the present mo­ment.

‘On a spir­i­tual level Lu­nar Abun­dance has helped me to be­come much more in­tu­itive in my life. I don’t feel as though I need to go to ex­ter­nal sources any­more to try and get a sense of who I am and what I am do­ing.’

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