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Spirit and Destiny - - Lunar Energy Masterclass -

Through her web­site (lu­narabun­, Ezzie has en­cour­aged many peo­ple to work with the yin and yang phases of the moon, with fan­tas­tic re­sults.

‘Con­nect­ing to the moon’s phases can take as lit­tle as five min­utes each day and the re­sults are amaz­ing,’ she says. ‘One of the things peo­ple of­ten tell me is that they are so pleased to give them­selves the per­mis­sion to slow down and cul­ti­vate a sense of re­lax­ation and calm, rather than keep go­ing all the time.

‘I’ve known plenty of peo­ple who have used Lu­nar Abun­dance prac­tice to quit their cor­po­rate jobs for more ful­fill­ing paths.’

Ezzie says the most im­por­tant thing to re­mem­ber is that work­ing with the moon is most pow­er­ful when it be­comes a way of life.

‘It’s not just about set­ting your in­ten­tion at new moon, cel­e­brat­ing at full moon, and then ne­glect­ing your lu­nar love. It’s es­sen­tial to cul­ti­vate a sense of bal­ance and har­mony ev­ery day be­cause it’s not like you get into bal­ance and then you’re done. It’s an on­go­ing prac­tice be­cause you’ll al­ways be nav­i­gat­ing the de­mands on you.

‘What may seem re­ally quite in­signif­i­cant on a daily ba­sis in terms of at­ten­tion and ef­fort can ac­tu­ally have very sig­nif­i­cant and cu­mu­la­tive ef­fects over time. The moon is al­ways there, it is al­ways guid­ing us home to our­selves. It al­ways has some­thing to of­fer.’

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