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it was time to learn how to pro­tect our­selves from bad en­er­gies by know­ing how to close our chakras down.

‘Stress blocks the chakras,’ Bar­bara ex­plained. ‘It’s so im­por­tant we keep their en­ergy flow­ing and to do that, we must close our chakras down ev­ery day.’

We were go­ing to work with each of the seven main chakras, one at a time. Start­ing with our root chakra, we closed our eyes and vi­su­alised hands clasped over this chakra’s vi­brant red light. After 30 sec­onds or so, we moved onto the or­ange sacral chakra, then the yel­low so­lar plexus, the green heart chakra, blue throat chakra and indigo third eye chakra, be­fore fin­ish­ing with the pur­ple crown chakra.

This is an ex­er­cise that Su­san gets ev­ery­one to do at the end of her work­shops. Su­san shared that a great way to pro­tect your en­ergy from the mo­ment you get up in the morn­ing is to imag­ine your­self putting a shiny shell of pro­tec­tion around your body.

su­san takes a photo of Carly’s aura

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