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A red heart glows with vi­tal­ity. The bees rep­re­sent the sweet­ness of life at the cen­tre of your be­ing, while the glow­ing heart is a gen­tle re­minder that we’re lights in the uni­verse – grow­ing, giv­ing, tak­ing and evolv­ing. Each thing you put your heart and soul into takes a piece of your divine sweet­ness. If you give your heart to some­thing that em­pow­ers you, you glow brighter and ac­ti­vate an in­nate mag­netism to draw more good. If you give your heart to some­thing that robs you of vi­tal­ity, your light dims. Ask your­self, ‘What am I giv­ing my heart to?’ The heart teaches us a sim­ple truth – what you give your­self is a pow­er­ful mes­sage to the uni­verse.

Lu­nar af­fir­ma­tion

The heart at­tracts our most cher­ished de­sires. Say out loud, ‘Now I glow with the sweet­ness of life to at­tract all good things.’

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