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An an­tique glass atomizer puffs clouds of per­fume around the room. In this haze, you grow dizzy and for­get­ful. You’re en­tranced by the se­duc­tive per­fume, but your thoughts be­come muddy. Ask your­self, ‘What can con­fu­sion teach me?’ Clouds ap­pear when we are burnt out or over­think­ing a sit­u­a­tion. But, even in the bleak­est times, you have a choice to flow with the ex­pe­ri­ence or re­sist it. Cy­cles of chaos and con­flict are the signs of in­ner re­sis­tance to fac­ing up to a per­sonal truth or let­ting go of a lim­it­ing be­lief. Eval­u­ate what you’re ty­ing your­self to and how you’ve fed the cy­cle. The heart of the cloud’s mes­sage is to re­veal where you are ‘clouded’ and help you dis­cover why.

Lu­nar af­fir­ma­tion

Clouds blow into life as har­bin­gers of con­flict and con­fu­sion. Say out loud, ‘To­day I find peace in the storms of chaos and con­fu­sion.’

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