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Out­side a win­dow, birds sit on a branch en­joy­ing the sun and a gen­tle breeze ready to carry them off. In­side the room are two empty cages that have the po­ten­tial to in­hibit th­ese crea­tures’ free­dom and keep them from tak­ing flight. When you’re locked away from your joy, your spirit dies and many of us find our­selves caged in and un­able to spread our wings. This card is re­mind­ing you that you’re a beau­ti­ful crea­ture cre­ated to sing and fly higher. Ask your­self, ‘How am I caged?’ What lim­i­ta­tions have been im­posed on you? Are they real or imag­ined? Th­ese birds want you to shine light on your restric­tions and start anew.

Lu­nar af­fir­ma­tion

Each of us has an au­then­tic voice that longs to be heard. Say out loud, ‘I qui­eten my mind chat­ter to hear the voice within where wis­dom and au­then­tic ex­pres­sion flow freely.’

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