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In the hush of night, a ghostly woman pours her sen­ti­ment into a heart­felt let­ter. Her need to ex­press truth has pushed through the si­lence and now she must write. This im­age is say­ing pour your heart out, ex­press your feel­ings. You have some­thing to say and some­one to say it to. Words can heal, but locked in­side they be­come deadly, pick­ing away at your vi­tal­ity and strength. Ask your­self, ‘Is there some­one I need to speak to? Some­thing I need to get off my chest?’ Write a let­ter to this per­son, this im­age is your per­mis­sion to say what you need to say. There’s no need to send the let­ter for the mes­sage to be re­ceived – the in­ten­tion is there.

Lu­nar af­fir­ma­tion

The let­ter is a re­minder of the heal­ing po­ten­tial of self-ex­pres­sion. Say out loud, ‘I freely ex­press my­self in healthy and in­spir­ing ways.’

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