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Th­ese fish swim through clear waters among trea­sures that lie at the bot­tom of the ocean. This im­age is telling you there is al­ways a time to fish, a time to make change and cash in on a good thing. Abun­dance, like a fish, is in mo­tion, flu­idly mov­ing through life. Step into the cur­rent, ride the wave and move with abun­dance. Ask your­self, ‘Am I liv­ing in stag­nant wa­ter?’ If you feed the be­lief that there isn’t enough good­ness to be had, that ground­wa­ter be­comes stag­nant and poi­sons ev­ery­thing. We’re all fish­er­men look­ing for the pool of abun­dance. Con­sider where you’re get­ting your sup­ply. Is it time to go else­where?

Lu­nar af­fir­ma­tion

Th­ese fish are a sym­bol of abun­dance and pros­per­ity. Say out loud, ‘I reach into the fer­tile waters of the uni­verse to pull out abun­dant [in­sert your de­sire].’

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