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While Mars is close to the earth, we all have an op­por­tu­nity to tap into its en­ergy to make pos­i­tive changes in our lives,’ says Ca­r­ole Anne.

Some peo­ple adapt eas­ily to new cir­cum­stances and op­por­tu­ni­ties. Oth­ers strug­gle with change.

Now is a good time to ask your­self, ‘What changes am I try­ing to re­sist?

What’s pre­vent­ing me from mov­ing for­ward?’

By tap­ping into Mars’ con­fi­dent en­ergy, you can break ties and re­alise your goals with this ex­er­cise. what is hold­ing you back or no longer makes you happy.

Now use the flame from your can­dle to light your list and place it in the fire­proof con­tainer, say­ing, ‘I draw on Mars’ as­sertive en­ergy to rid my­self of things I no longer need in my life.’

Blow out the can­dle, take the ashes from the con­tainer and bury them in your gar­den or scat­ter them while say­ing the fol­low­ing af­fir­ma­tion out loud three times (the most pow­er­ful spir­i­tual num­ber): ‘I re­lease. I let go.’

Re­light the can­dle and stand with your arms by your sides, palms fac­ing out­ward and feet apart.

Close your eyes and imag­ine Mars’ en­ergy as a red beam of light com­ing down into your crown chakra. Vi­su­alise this red light fill­ing ev­ery fi­bre of your body. You may feel a tin­gling sen­sa­tion as the en­ergy flows through you. Now see this red light sur­round­ing your body and fill­ing your aura.

Stand for a few min­utes, sens­ing this en­ergy, then say this af­fir­ma­tion three times, ‘I know my po­ten­tial is un­lim­ited.’

Trust Mars is work­ing with you to make pos­i­tive changes and help you.

‘You can break ties and re­alise goals’

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