Mak­ing Mars work for you

Take our quiz to find out which area of your life needs this planet’s en­ergy right now and how to use it

Spirit and Destiny - - Inner You -

You get a sud­den in­vi­ta­tion to travel with a group of new friends, do you?

Wel­come this chance to take a few days off work

De­cline the of­fer be­cause you’re un­com­fort­able around new peo­ple

Say yes even though it might push you into debt

Which sit­u­a­tion do you find most frus­trat­ing?

When there’s not much go­ing on at work and you don’t know how to oc­cupy your time

Try­ing to ex­plain your­self to a part­ner who re­fuses to lis­ten

Greedy or stingy peo­ple

Which of the fol­low­ing would give you some­thing to be ex­cited about?

Tak­ing a day off work to in­dulge in some pam­per­ing, such as treat­ing your­self to a mas­sage or spa treat­ment

Find­ing a new friend who shares your in­ter­ests

Go­ing on a spend­ing spree

Which of th­ese state­ments can you re­late to?

Feel­ing un­sup­ported and un­ap­pre­ci­ated by your em­ployer

Feel­ing in­com­plete be­cause you don’t have some­body to love you

Know­ing that you’re liv­ing a life­style you can’t af­ford

You re­ceive an un­ex­pected cheque for £20,000, do you?

Pack in your job im­me­di­ately as you never liked it any­way

Wish you had some­one spe­cial to share the money with

Blow it all on a big party for your friends

Your boss asks you to work late re­peat­edly. Do you feel?

Your job is tak­ing over your life and be­com­ing over­whelm­ing

Happy to help as your so­cial di­ary is pretty empty at the mo­ment

Glad of the ex­tra work, after all your boss must ap­pre­ci­ate you to ask

Your part­ner turns up at work to whisk you away to your favourite restau­rant. Are you?

Glad of this chance to es­cape daily rou­tine

Cer­tain you are dream­ing, they have never done any­thing like this be­fore.

An­tic­i­pate an ex­pen­sive bill as you al­ways pay your way.

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