Learn to lis­ten to Spirit like Mica

And hear what mes­sages the other realm has for you

Spirit and Destiny - - My Spiritual Journey -

Ever hear that lit­tle voice in your ear, a whis­per that warns you not to do some­thing or to go for it?

spirit is keen to make a con­nec­tion with us and com­mu­ni­cate, all you need to do is lis­ten. try this ex­er­cise to train your mind to be quiet, tune in to spirit and draw guid­ance.

Find a place where you won’t be dis­turbed. sit with your feet on the floor and hands in your lap. take a few breaths in and out through your nose to re­lax.

Imag­ine roots grow­ing from the bot­tom of your feet, down through the ground con­nect­ing you se­curely to the earth.

on your next ex­hale, imag­ine a beam of white light ris­ing up from the top of your head and reach­ing into the sky, con­nect­ing to spirit. ask spirit to help you raise your vi­bra­tion to match it, which will help you make a con­nec­tion.

Now ask spirit to draw near. sit qui­etly and pay at­ten­tion to how you are feel­ing. Is there an area of your body that tin­gles? do you feel a warmth, chill or ring­ing in your ears? do any im­ages or thoughts pop into your mind? It could be spirit try­ing to catch your at­ten­tion. don’t worry if you don’t feel any­thing at first, it takes time.

to close down the chan­nel, imag­ine the light at the top of your head grow­ing dim then dark. the more you prac­tise this vi­su­al­i­sa­tion and open your­self up, the bet­ter your con­nec­tion will be­come.

‘Tune into Spirit and draw guid­ance’

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