Three ways to work with en­ergy

Reiki healer Torsten Alexan­der Lang shows you how

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‘I al­ways start my reiki cour­ses with an ex­er­cise where peo­ple look at each other’s auras. You can do this by look­ing around the per­son, rather than di­rectly at them,’ says Torsten.

You should no­tice lit­tle pen­cil lines sit­ting about half an inch from their body.

‘This is their en­ergy field,’ adds Torsten ‘You can see yours by look­ing into a mir­ror and try­ing the same tech­nique.’


‘Ex­per­i­ment with sens­ing a per­son’s en­ergy field by stand­ing be­hind them. Move your hands to­wards their head. You should feel an in­vis­i­ble bound­ary, as though you don’t want to move your hands to­wards them fur­ther,’ says



‘A sim­ple way to con­nect with your en­ergy field is to fo­cus on your breath,’ sug­gests Torsten. ‘Take a deep breath in and ex­hale slowly. As you breathe in and out, place your palms to­gether and no­tice what you feel. This might be a warm or cool sen­sa­tion as you tune into the en­ergy.

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