What reiki can do for you

Torsten Alexan­der Lang ex­plains why this heal­ing art can have such life-chang­ing pow­ers

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Reiki was dis­cov­ered by a Ja­panese Bud­dhist called Mikao Usui who, in the early 1920s, had an en­light­en­ing ex­pe­ri­ence while fast­ing,’ ex­plains Torsten, who runs Reiki Academy Lon­don.

‘As he got close to death, he had a sen­sa­tion in his hands and dis­cov­ered it was a form of heal­ing en­ergy, which we now know as reiki.

‘It’s very com­mon for peo­ple who study reiki to have spir­i­tual ex­pe­ri­ences as they are open­ing them­selves up to higher vi­bra­tions.

To fully open up to the won­ders of reiki re­quires train­ing and be­ing ‘at­tuned’

‘It can be an amaz­ing


by a Reiki Master.

‘Reiki not only helps open up spir­i­tual sen­si­tiv­i­ties, it can be an amaz­ing healer.

‘An­other thing about reiki is that it doesn’t only help trans­form the per­son re­ceiv­ing the heal­ing, but those close to them as well. I like to think of it in terms of quan­tum physics – ev­ery­thing is con­nected so if one thing changes in a re­la­tion­ship, this can have a knock-on ef­fect.’

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