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QI’ve be­gun paint­ing and want to in­cor­po­rate crys­tals into my work. any sug­ges­tions?

PaT Cook, red­dITCh, WorCes­Ter­shIre

Em­bEd cRys­TAls in the paint it­self or glue them on the sur­face of the pic­ture, singly or in pat­terns. Work in­tu­itively and feel the en­ergy given off by the gem­stones or work with them specif­i­cally by choos­ing crys­tals for their heal­ing prop­er­ties or their colours. The colour vi­bra­tions of the paint and crys­tals work to­gether to en­hance the en­ergy they broad­cast. Colour, creativ­ity and crys­tals can pow­er­fully af­fect the en­ergy of a space where a paint­ing is hung.

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