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22 June – 22 July

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You get a break from pres­sure now. In par­tic­u­lar, it’s go­ing to be a good month for your earn­ing power or your abil­ity to make money on the side. The so­lar eclipse on the 13th af­fects all Cance­ri­ans for the next six months and al­lows you to re­build fi­nances. The lu­nar eclipse on the 27th helps you get the most out of a bad deal or walk away from it.


For most of this month, work should be a breeze. In fact, so many Cance­ri­ans will be on hol­i­day or tak­ing time off that work barely fits in the pic­ture.

That changes dur­ing the last week of July when you must be a bit care­ful. Un­ex­pected sit­u­a­tions in­volv­ing wider or col­lec­tive fi­nances could rock your plans.

It’s also pos­si­ble that one col­league or em­ployer is be­ing greedy and tak­ing more than their fair share. With Mer­cury ret­ro­grade from the 26th this will not be an un­fa­mil­iar sit­u­a­tion but it’s still tire­some. For the most part, your earn­ings are pro­tected but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel a sense of moral ou­trage about some­one’s be­hav­ior.

Fam­ily and Friends

Most Cance­ri­ans have a hom­ing in­stinct or burst of nos­tal­gia this month. Whether its vis­it­ing an older rel­a­tive, tak­ing a trip to the past, or find­ing your first home or new home, you are drawn to put down roots or re­turn to them. Chil­dren are the prover­bial bun­dle of joy and you or some­one in your fam­ily could be wel­com­ing their own soon. A fam­ily day out the week­end of the 7th is a lot of fun.


If you aren’t sin­gle, this month you might wish you were! Not be­cause there is any­thing par­tic­u­larly wrong with your ex­ist­ing re­la­tion­ship but be­cause there ap­pear to be ad­mir­ers and temp­ta­tion ev­ery­where. You will be get­ting chat­ted up or at least eyed up. Your part­ner had bet­ter bring on the roses, bake a cake, and help with the chores!

Se­ri­ously though, for those of you con­sid­er­ing end­ing a re­la­tion­ship, sad though it is, you will be sur­prised at your own strength if you dare to move on.

Sin­gle Cance­ri­ans, this is po­ten­tially your sum­mer of love. The more you be­lieve that and act on it, the more likely you are to find the right mate. The first fort­night of July is the best but only frac­tion­ally. Any time this month, next month and be­yond, are per­fect for mak­ing a con­nec­tion. Don’t be too shy to try! Date night could be the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, or the 10th, 12th, or 13th.

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